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This could make a good soundtrack for Disney. With warm fuzzy feelings on Mary Poppins of the 21st century. With crisp acappella vocals that sandwich a beautiful climax!

 I always thought it as a love song. Very simple and innocent. Something obviously lacking in our day. Until one day I picked up an intriguing magazine to find this...

"I was with these kids in Germany, and we had a big water balloon fight. I was so happy after the fight that I ran upstairs in their house and wrote 'Speechless'. Fun inspires me. I hate to say that, because it's such a romantic song, but it was the fight that did it. I was happy, and I wrote it in its entirety right there. I felt it would be good enough for the album. Out of the bliss comes magic, wonderment, and creativity."

 So there you have it. Wish Lisa Marie could understand.:) That's how he gets inspired to love and write music. Through the art of playfulness.
"Speechless" will always be one of my favorites.



It appears Michael Jackson has got the butterflies over a girl of his dreams. Those crisp and sharp passionate vocals certainly draw back moments when he sang Rock With You , heart and soul. Add to that an aura of British Funkedelic Soul complete with authentic spacey trombones and you have an album track that stands all by itself!

 "Butterflies" was meant to launch in early 2002 as Invincible's second single. Yet was abruptly canceled with only a Euro Promo release. This cost Mr. Jackson another potential #1 hit!

 In 1999 Singstress Marsha submitted lyrics for the Invincible sessions. she wrote them back in high school(in 1997). Greatly impressed, Jackson invited Floetry over to record the song with him. Together, they did a duet(unreleased) as well as recorded versions for each album(more like a joint venture).

 When completed, Michael and producer Andre brought the track under the microscope. Further mixing and sculpturing this work of art until it was ready for the…

Blood On The Dance Floor

Originally an outtake from The Dangerous Sessions, "Blood On The Dance Floor" found a spot on Michael Jackson's History Remix Album Although Teddy Riley and MJ both initially worked on the project together, the final tweaks were not done with his discretion. Apparently, Riley wasn't too shabby about leaving him out.

 "Blood On The Dance Floor" is a very synergistic, dance-floor ready, retrospective Jam. Very much in theme with "History". Drawing a bit of Funk juice from the past and mixing that Soul flavor into the hi-tech present. New Jack Swing is written all over it! If only Sony promoted the sound right here in The States, As it was we had little notion of an extra remix album.

 Part of the reason being the beginning pangs of a massive fallout between tony Mottola and Michael Jackson(see The Invincible Era). Yet despite no U.S. release, the single shot up to #1 on the U.K. Charts. Surpassing R. Kelly's "I Believe I Can Fly".��…

You Rock My World

It started with a leak on August 24th, 2001. And then two New York radio stations distributing the material. Had social networking existed on the web, the single might've been called off.

 A new millennium had dawned. It was prime time to prove his relevance to the 21st century. "You Rock My World" would proved that he still had it!

2. Album Version With Intro
3. Radio edit
4. Instrumental
5. Acappella
6. Track Masters Remix
7. Live
You Rock My World-The Short Film Throughout history, Michael has either been cherished, stalked, or victimized by a woman. Always one of those scenarios. Would it be a surprise to tell you he's on trivial pursuit of the woman of his dreams.

 This time around he ain't dealing with any street thugs but the mafia(even The Godfather himself). Seeing she's indentured, Jackson & Tucker stalk this gorgeous mistress into a bar. Longing to be released from her bondage, she looks at Michael with those eyes. Then does what only can hap…

Heaven Can Wait

Michael together wrote & produced this song with Teddy Riley around the late nineties. When it was planned to feature on a Blackstreet album-"Finally". Which unfortunately never materialized. But managed to find a spot on Jackson's "Invincible". Yet Riley plans to have this song on a future Blackstreet release as a remake.

 Despite no official air release "Heaven Can Wait" reached 72 for the R&B charts. A feat incredible considering there being no single release. Soon enough, the cat came out of the bag. Radio stations far and wide couldn't get enough of it! Despite Sony pulling the plug. Even my old high school featured the song.

 Right now as I'm typing this, I regret not attending the junior prom. You see, "Heaven Can Wait" was chosen for the 2002 theme song. If only I had a girl...sigh. Now don't get me wrong. I have the looks and the disposition(smile). Just not the confidence.:(

 Michael Jackson is fast becoming a h…

Break of Dawn

Michael now digs into his past for a more traditional sound to blend in with the present. The combo makes for some Silky-Smooth R&B and a hunk of Soulful Romance for the ladies.

 Dr. Freeze(Elliot Straite) adds his own vocal back-ups while he and Michael mix this puppy unto perfection. Even adding a few lines here or there. He is one of four producers who worked with Michael on the album. You can learn more about him Here.

 Believe "Break of Dawn" was next on Jackson's launching list before Motolla slammed the door in Jackson's face. In fact, many believed the track would of started the year 2002 on a bang! Even shattering more records! By Or maybe it didn't need a single promo, seeing radio airplay alone allowed the track to climb on the charts!

Next: Heaven Can Wait!


Michael is dumb-founded to find another guys grass is greener then his(in her eyes). No matter how he tries to woo her back. She ain't bugin' one bit. Though she's swayed by this mans green pockets, he doesn't own true love.

 Speaking of diamonds & pearls, AOL once showed an animated Michael Jackson cartoon. It depicted Michael dancing briefly on top of a spacecraft sporting psychedelic boots and Bell-bottoms. I don't know if it was just a fragment of a now canceled promo shoot or what. Just surprised it's not on Youtube. Otherwise I'd share it with ya.:) "Invincible" was also supposed to come out as a single with a couple of remixes.

 A Screeching frack-train hitting the brakes transcends into a mid-tempo futuristic mechanical piece of R&B. The organ keys give a very faint reminder of Michael's dream team. But for the most part, "Invincible" is more on the relevant side. Even featuring a bit of Hip-Hop.

 During the son…


Not a big surprise. Michael is griping about another woman that was in his life. Starting with Billie Jean, all subsequent albums contained at least one of these tainted lovers. Which portray a sinister woman booby-trapping her victims into a web of deception. "Heartbreaker" now enters the "Billie Jean" hall of fame.

 Some have even interpreted Heartbreaker as none other then Tatiana from The Way You Make Me Feel. But that can't be true. Since it's now believed they really had an interest in each other. But whatever the meaning Michael wanted to portray, the message is clear. If you love life, stay away from promiscuous women!

 From those dynamic control-room hydrolics to smashing new age percussion, it's clear Michael was looking for a new sound. It's just too bad he didn't have more time. If we had to wait until October of 2002. you can't rush a work of art.

 "Fats" contributed a Rap segment upon the songs climax. Like I've s…

We Be Ballin'

A remix of Ice Cube's single "We Be Clubin'". "We Be Ballin'" features Shaq O'Neil and Michael Jackson and was planned to be on an NBA compilation album.

 Furthermore, you would've seen it featured on a commercial "We Love This Game". Unfortunately, both were canceled due to the many strikes happening that season. As a matter of fact, the whole season was cut in half!

 I love "The Masters Mix Version"! I can just feel the gangsta atmosphere with the police sirens. "The Works In Progress" was too stretched out and annoying.

 Currently there are 2 mixes available(Plus two bootleg versions). The so-called 2003 edition(The Street Mix Version) is totally fake and does a disservice to the original.

We Be Ballin - Ice Cube, Shaquille ONeal & Michael Jackson

MJ's Lyrics
Nothin' you can say
Ain't nothin' you can do..
We Be Ballin' you (we be ballin')
We Be Ballin' you (oh yes, we be ballin')

No …

In The Back

"In The Back" is an unfinished outtake from the History Album Sessions. Like many numbers on the album, it deals with the theme of protesting and being a victimized.

 The heavy-gutted Alternative beat coupled with Michael's amazing vocal percussion make this an ode to John Lennon. Mimicking his outrage at the world.

 Had the track been finished in time, you would find it on track 3 of "Blood On The Dance Floor-History In The Mix".


"Ghosts" is a chilling spine-shivering tale about a woman's(what else is new) spirit haunting Michael and desperately wants in his family tree(could it be the ghost of Billy Jean?)! Who knows what's on Jackson's mind. The the dusting thumping, eerie wrappings, and Funky groans all give a profound nostalgia on Thriller's zombie walk! Add to that Teddy Riley's wheel-to-wheel Urban friction affect!

1. Album Version
2. Radio edit
3. Mousse T’s Radio Rock
4. Mousse T’s Radio Rock Singalong Remix
5. Mousse T’s Club Mix
6. Mousse T’s Club Mix TV
Ghosts-The Short FilmOnce upon a time,

 There was a mansion owned by an incredibly rich Maestro named "Someplace Else" embedded within the town of "Normal Valley". Every weekend, he would entertain the children with lavish gifts and spectacular magic tricks. Until word got out that an eccentric freak letting little children into his home. Something the residents felt ought not to be done.

 So a large…

Superfly Sister

Michael Jackson and Brian Loren worked on 25 tracks together during The Dangerous Sessions. None of which made it on the record. Once Teddy Riley entered the scene, the album went in a totally different direction.

 One of those tracks was "Superfly Sister". A demo believed to be finished around 1989/90. The song took on a whole new direction during The History Sessions. Eventually making #2 upon his remix album "Blood On The Dance Floor".

 Although not confirmed, it's believed Michael was lamenting the agonizing marriage between Latoya and Gorden. Who abused her into saying some outlandish things against her own family. But thank goodness she divorced him in 1993. However, the scars took a lot longer to heal.

 Other then a few minor swears, I think Michael did a fairly good job sticking his neck into Hip-Hop.:)
LyricsYeah Shoo-hee
Hee hee!

Love ain't what it used to be
That is what they're tellin' me
Push it in stick it o…


Michael Jackson penned this tune while battling his addiction to prescription painkillers in rehab. Mr. Jackson undergone extreme pain in medicating Lupus(an auto-immune disease) that required numeral shots on the scalp.

 O how Jackson yearned for another dose to quickly ease the pain. But his conscience wouldn't let him. "Morphine" became a metaphor for an undisclosed pain reliever. "Babe" either could've meant his doctor pushing jackson like a street pimp or his ulterior self-A battle of the mind.

 Whatever meaning Michael was portraying, it's clear he was struggling with physical addiction! If it wasn't for Elton John, Elizabeth Taylor or his loving family, he might've died well before the age of 50.

Update: Unfortunately Michael did fall back into the habit while preparing his massive comeback! Unfortunately, those decisions cost him big time!:(

Other then those few swears, this track is fantastic. Mike really rocks when he goes Heavy Meta…

Michael Jackson Invincible

It has been about 6 years and anticipation ran high! The hiatus almost nerve racking. By the fall of 2001, it was time for another Michael Jackson album-A new Era-A new chapter to his legacy!

 However, there were 4 obstacles standing in Mr. Jackson's way. 9/11, Sony, His physical appearance, and a crumbling Pop culture. Let's go over these stepping stones in more detail.

9/11 Terrorist attacks
 That morning nine years ago would prove catastrophic. Originally, his 30th Anniversary Concert was to be held on that fateful day. Had he waited another 6 months before releasing and promoting "Invincible", I believe this event would've worked to his advantage(not implying that he's heartless) in much the same way as John F. Kennedy's assassination helped bring The Beatles into the limelight.

 Yet it was a sad day for many. But it was too late to stop the parade("You Rock My World" had already been released the previous month).

A Conflict of Interest

Is It Scary

At one time scheduled to become the theme-song to the new Addams Family movie and a now defunct compilation(named Decade) which was set to be released in late 1993. Eventually, the tract was reworked for Michael's remix album "Blood On The Dance Floor-History In The Mix".

 A single was planned but thwarted at the last minute. However, a few promo's filled with remixed do exist.

1. Album Version
2. Radio edit
3. DJ Greek's Scary Mix
4. Deep Dish Dark & Scary Remix
5. Deep Dish Dark & Scary Remix Radio Edit
6. Deep Dish Instrumental
7. Deep Dish Vocal
8. Deep Dish Vocal Edit
9. Deep Dish Double-O-Jazz Dub
10. Eddie's Love Mix
11. Eddie's Love Mix Radio Edit
12. Eddie's Rub-A-Dub Mix
13. Downtempo Groove Mix

 Throughout his career, Michael has been known to be the pioneer. In this case, Jackson fuses a Romantic Ballad within a Rock-Horror combo(complete with tapestry fries and a victimized shake). Add to that a few retrospective ab-libs, ta…

You Don't Stand Another Chance

Back in 1984 Janet invited Michael, Marlon, Jackie, and Tito to back her up on one track for her second album "Dream Street". "Don't Stand another chance hit #9 on the R&B Singles Chart.

Right around this time Michael Jackson started experimenting with his vocal chords again. Seth Rigs would warm up his voice-box into what we know know as His Bad Era Image. No longer were we dealing with a soft-spoken man but a hyperactive Michael Jackson! Which fit right into the background just fine.

It took nearly 11 year but Janet eventually returned the favor dueting on his History Album track "Scream".

Dont stand another chance - Janet Jackson

History-Invincible Era Gap

Let me share some brief bullets on post-"History" Pre-"Invincible" happenings...

.In 1998, Michael returned to the studios a year after closing the second leg of the tour. Not happy at all, they demanded all rights to new material not agreed when he initially signed up with Sony in 1991.

.In support of those suffering from the war in Kosovo. A concert was held in both Seoul, South Korea & Munich, Germany. Many contemporaries joined in. Boyz to Men, Mariya Carey, Pavarotti, etc. Like the demolition of The Berlin Wall, Michael & Friends wanted peace and unity for those in Korea.

.Michael Jackson receives the award of the Millennium. As he Rightfully proclaimed, "You ain't seen nothin' yet!" Anticipation was written all over the audiences faces.

.It appears Jackson was growing a beard albeit peach fuzzed. I commend him for being innovative in trying new styles. But don't think it quite fits his style.;)

 That concludes our tour through The …

The History Tour

Think he couldn't break another record? Well, surprise, surprise! Michael Jackson broke a total of three records!

.He became the First(and only) Pop icon in Hawaii to have a night sold out for the Aloha Stadium(make that two consecutive nights)!

.A few of his pit stops saw the largest gathering ever to have attended a paid concert!

.Michael again sets a new world record in the amount of dough acquired before taxes!

 Around September 7th, 1996. The city of Prague of the Czech Republic was on fire! Michael once again thrilled the masses with 182 shows on five continents(including U.S.A. Hawaii). Each concert blossomed with a grand entrance of Michael Jackson on a spaceship.

 He even asked volunteers to join him onstage! Gotta admit if it was me, I'd freeze and be tough-tied lol.:) What would you do if he's in the same room with you? Be honest...I know you'd do the same.:)

Now let me just close with a behind the scenes footage shot of the tour...

 oh! I almost forgot.…

History Session Outtakes

Well well, so we've make it through 15 tracks. Now I'd like to go through what didn't make the final selection. Since the above photo is a remix album, we'll discuss that below(on top of the History Session Outtakes)...

 The album is what I like to call "History's" missing extension. Or third disk set if you will. There are 4 session outtakes and 8 reinterpretations of the greatest double-platinum album of all time.

 Originally, the album was dedicated to Sir Elton John for his continued support on Michael's addiction to painkillers and a thank-you to all his fans worldwide.

 Some of the best disc jockeys around collaborated with the King of Pop. Most notably David Morales. Regarded by most as the best DJ of all time. Tony Moran, Hani, Fire Island Remix, Frankie Knuckles, and even Jimmy Jam have added their own flavors to the mix.

 As I mentioned on another post Blood On The Dance Floor/History In The Mix became the best selling remix album of all time. …


And now for the finale! A parody to Charles Chaplin's 1928 hit "Smile". Jointly produced by the King of Pop and David Foster.

 And how fitting it was to feature Chaplin's song. Both were eccentric. Felt they never fit in. The two of them were child at heart. Get the picture?

 After all the bickering and protesting, Jackson concludes with a little conventional wisdom from an ancient entertainer having his own obstacles to overcome. Michael of course did a wonderful job! His version has more of an upbeat kick on a medium tempo. Though the original mood is still felt throughout.

 Think he was the only one to reinterpret? Well, I got a bridge to sell you in Arizona! Tony Bennett, Diana Ross, Eric Clapton, Petula Clark among many others had their own takes of this gem of a classic. Here are just a few...

Diana Ross Smile

Eric Clapton Smile

Nat King Cole Smile

Tony Bennett ft. Barbra Streisand Smile

Charlie Chaplin Smile

 That's just the tip of the iceberg. From American Ido…

Little Susie

Some believe this to be based on a true story. However, it's been more or less confirmed as a fictional tale. Partly Inspired by Gottfried Helnwein's artwork. Who is famous for his emotional imagery-Especially of children(in fact, Michael used his Lichtkind(Child of Light) painting to depict this song on The History Vol. 1 Booklet).

 In this tragic tale, Little Susie took her own life because of gross indifference to her well-being. One by one, her folks passed away. Father abandoned them, leaving mother and gram-father to wither in the grave.

 Years later, she was grafted into an unloving family. Though she was adopted, they did not take her in. Loneliness seeped it's cold dead fingers upon her tender heart. Until she couldn't bear it much longer. Although it was technically an accident. She subconsciously threw herself down the stairs to escape the pain.

 Although the story is clearly fictitious, Michael was proving a point. "Neglect can kill. Like a knife …


As a signature tradition, we are again treated to a feel-good "change the world" tapestry Ballad. A synchronization of Pop, Classical Music, Hip-Hop, and Soul all brought together under a new anthem. Michael Jackson calls on all of us as American patriots to create our own history.

 Our founding fathers stood up against England's iron fist. Thus, America was born. Slavery was outlawed, second class citizenship ceased to exist, women attained the right to vote all because of those brave few who weren't afraid to stand up for what's right. Who will be the brave citizen to stand up against the Goliaths of the pharmaceutical industry? "Everyday create your history. Every path you take your writing your legacy." Remember, with each passing year comes a whole new page of the story about your life. Great spirits like Walt Disney, The Wright Brothers, and a couple dozen others were nobodies(just like you and I are right now).

 Michael invited the group Boyz To M…

2 Bad

Another Lewis & Jam production. "2 Bad" follows Michael's tradition of being tough. First telling us to "Beat It", then demonstrates who's "Bad". then boldly claims to be in love with a "Dangerous" woman! Now he's screaming "2 Bad"(in effect, bashing the media)!

 The original demo is somewhat preserved on his short film "Ghosts". I found the exact spot so you don't have to.;) Enjoy...

 NBA star Shaq O'Neil did a guest Rap segment for the songs climax. I particularly don't like Rap much. But hay. It's Michael and they did a darn good job.:)

 "2 Bad" is a stripped-down remastered version(musically) of "Bad". What Bruce Sweden and Rod did was take most of the percussion out and insert a whole new dancefloor under the track. Thereby inserting a more relevant catchy blockbuster of the 90's! Even more noteworthy is a similarity to Little Richard's opening lines("Tell me…

Tabloid Junkie

Things start cranking up with another attack upon the tabloids. To hit them where it hurts most. Their pockets.

...And rightly so.

 You see, these guys will never stop bashing celebrities let alone the average guy. That's what their in business for. It's a conflict of interest. They want you to be a "Tabloid Junkie"!

 O.K. Nuff said. Anyways, doesn't it sound similar to something Janet Jackson would do? Well give it up for Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis! They helped the "Sequined One" produce 7 sound tracks to what eventually evolved into "Scream". However, "Tabloid Junkie" was solely produced by Janet's producers.

 "Tabloid Junkie" was one of seven songs they produced together. Originally coined "Tabloid Jungle". Eventually, Jungle was dropped in favor of Junkie. Stressing the needless addiction to these worthless papers.

The beat is reminiscent of "Start Me Up" by Salt'N Peppa. I believe als…