Saturday, June 07, 2008


 And now for the finale! A parody to Charles Chaplin's 1928 hit "Smile". Jointly produced by the King of Pop and David Foster.

 And how fitting it was to feature Chaplin's song. Both were eccentric. Felt they never fit in. The two of them were child at heart. Get the picture?

 After all the bickering and protesting, Jackson concludes with a little conventional wisdom from an ancient entertainer having his own obstacles to overcome. Michael of course did a wonderful job! His version has more of an upbeat kick on a medium tempo. Though the original mood is still felt throughout.

 Think he was the only one to reinterpret? Well, I got a bridge to sell you in Arizona! Tony Bennett, Diana Ross, Eric Clapton, Petula Clark among many others had their own takes of this gem of a classic. Here are just a few...

Diana Ross Smile

Eric Clapton Smile

Nat King Cole Smile

Tony Bennett ft. Barbra Streisand Smile

Charlie Chaplin Smile

 That's just the tip of the iceberg. From American Idol contestants to comedy hour specials like Jim Carry. Wouldn't be surprised to see Chaplin being covered.
Seriously though, let's take some advise from the one who started it all. I know I do.:)

"A day without a laugh is a wasted day."-Charles Chaplin.

Song lyrics | Smile lyrics

Did you know a single was planned for release? Yep...Due October of '97. But canceled at the last minute by Sony...And here's the tract list.

Is It Scary/Smile
1. Smile(Radio edit)
2. Eddie's love mix radio edit
3. Downtempo groove mix
4. Deep dish dark and scary remix radio edit
5. Is It Scary(Radio Edit)

I'm not through yet. Let's talk about those "History Session Outtakes".

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