Thursday, July 12, 2018

Michael Jackson's Father Passes Away at 89!

 On June 27th, 2018 Michael Jackson's dad passed on from a bout of cancer. Although he was very rough with his children and yes abused then. But if it wasn't for him, there'd be no Michael Jackson. Yes MJ did share horrid memories growing up, but he didn't always resent this patriarch. In fact, in various interviews and in the autobiography Moonwalk, the Gloved One praises Joe for getting him into the spotlight. From their humble beginnings in Gary, Indiana to striking it rich with Motown in California.

 July 27th, 1928-June 27th, 2018 R.I.P.

Thursday, May 24, 2018

I'm Back from Hibernation!

Hey guys,

 I'm sorry I haven't posted in awhile. Been caught up in many things in such. Maybe in the next few days I'll go over the new Michael Jackson songs that have been leaked from the vault back in Dec. 2015. Til then...

    Cha cha!!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

A Place With No Name Single and Other News

 The second single off of Xscape has just debuted on my birthday(August 11th). The digital single comes with a post humous music video loosely based on the track.

 This release comes after speculation that The Estate is working on Xscape 2.0. A second installment to the first project(think Justin Timberlake's 20/20 Experience). reports say feature 4(or more) new songs with another single by November.

 If I were them, I'd use Jackson's unreleased Christmas song as the feature tune! That's one thing missing from Michael post-Thriller. During the History Era, Mr Jackson worked on an original Christmas track complete with bells, sleighs, and other seasonal effects. It's anyone's guess why it was scaped.

Music Video

 I was not at all impressed by the sexual overtones throughout the clip as I was expecting more of a rated G/PG flic on a utopian oasis with laughing children and care-free pleasure. Instead, it appears her skin is utopia! Otherwise, I felt the production was fairly good. Click Here to check it out!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Michael Jackson Hologram

 One month ago some fans were flabbergasted by Billboard's attempt to resurrect The King of Pop-even accusing The Estate of hiring an impersonator to fill in the blanks on his dance moves. Although I felt the performance was otherwise spectacular, I believe there's some merit to the madness.

 First of, his dance moves seem a bit clumsy and slow. Secondly, if you look real close, his mouth moves sloppily. Almost as if their motion-picture(CGI) wasn't synced properly. Thirdly(though I don't think this could be helped), Michael did not seem to connect with his audience as he normally does.

 Personally, the original version would have done much better on the show. Either that or the original Xscape. Anyhow this dilemma is nowhere near the noise of the Casio fiasko! In honor of the 5th anniversary to Jackson's death, I implore you to keep Michaeling!


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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Xscape-A Critical Analysis Part 2

 This is the second installment of my two-part analysis of Michael Jackson's posthumous album Xscape. If you missed it, I've already reviewed the first four tacks Over Here. We shall continue with track five.

Slave To The Rhythm

Early 90's Version

 Now this is quite unique and calls for a whole new explanation! Michael clashes theatrics with the club. A tapestric introduction followed by the dancefloor! "Slave To The Rhythm" will harken you back to the turn of the 90's. When inline skating was a way to pick up a date. Had Jackson released this, the dance industry would have been saved from mundanity. If only he remixed his own tracks(like Janet did on one album). Instead he relied on third-party candidates to do the job(mainly after Bad). There's even a story to go along with the beat(unlike most club-bangers today).

 The songs portrays a passive-dependant mother who is practically enslave to her abusive husband. How she yearns to be released from his heavy chains. But for the good of her beloved children she dances to his whims and keeps instep to the rhythm of her hubby's demands. Thus, she's a slave in every sense of the word. Although she might not be literally shackled, this woman is mentally and emotionally bonded with her husbands iron cords of coercion and manipulation. Check it out Right Here(note: these youtube clips alone don't do justice to these tracks. You should have a good pair of headphones in hand)!

1989-91 Edition: 5/5 Stars!

Modern Version

 Timbaland gives the rhythm more of a revolving dance floor vibe with a little extra emphasis on those chains!I was impressed by the amount of thought that went into this remix. But nothing beats the original. Yes the new version is more modern and today-oriented. But I'm sorry, Mikey's version rises above it head and shoulders! You Just can't out-do the raw energy of Michael's vision. The guy knew what he was doing. Go see Timbaland's Take and you'll know what I mean.

New Take: 4.0 Stars!

Do You Know Where Your Children Are

90's Version

 Now this version goes before the 2010 Leak. As with most of his early demos, it is noticeably digitalized. Whereas the latter mix incorporates more live instrumentation. I prefer the finalized edition. Don't get me wrong. The former is also quite enjoyable. But the guitar lick from the other mix just blows me away!

 Two drop-dead gorgeous 12-year-old girls face a broken family with an abusive uncle and an abusive father. So in distraught, they ran away and attempted to go it alone. Only to become allured by a huckster who promises them fame and fortune. Turns out he was a liar and now these girls are caught within the clutches of the porn industry. Don't you think papa should be a wee bit concerned about their missing children? Even giving his lives for these poor girls fettered in sexual slavery. It would seem they did at first. But apathy soon followed suit. Mother and father's storkism has all been but extinguished. The demo can be found Here!

Old Demo: 4.5/5 Stars!

2010 Leak: 5/5 Stars!

New Version

 I thought they did a fair job crafting this remix. Though it loses a lot of it's 90's punch. Why do the beams remind me of Sega Genesis all of a sudden? For the past fifteen years soundboards have been overrated and abused. We need a renaissance of real music! Complete with authentic beats and organic melody. But anyhow, I appreciate that Tim and Roc did not rush this unlike the previous Desaster. Listen to the remix Here.

New Version: 4/5 Stars!

Blue Gangsta

Invincible Mix

 I see 007 written all over this with a hint of the Mafia and Godfather meddled in there. And yes, Jackson did experiment a little with Hip-Hop without being obnoxious. I relish the Italian accordion fuming in the background. But what I like most is Michael's very powerful strung-out emotions portraying a mobster who's conscience is about to go numb.

 This fellow feels immense regret and deep despair. A beautiful girl beckons him turn from the dark side. Yet he has just sworn himself into a high profile gang and has already proved himself by executing an atrocious federal crime. Although the guilt churns sourly within his stomach. He must suppress the pain because there's no turning back now. But try as he might, a feeling of doom continuously envelopes the man. Her glance pierces the very soul of his being. He has no choice but to carry on as "The Blue Gangsta". Check out Michael's version Over Here!

Original Version: 5/5 Stars!

New Version

 They did an outstanding job on the theatrical introduction. Something Michael was very much into. Though once the track kicks in, the beat is too synthetic. But they did add some Latin strings to give it a Mexican tinge. Click Now to try it out!


Michael's Take

 Now this is what I'm talking about! "Xscape" has a powerful backbeat that has become one of Jackson's many signature street rhythms-those sharp timing thuds that defined The History Era. The best part is the bridge in it's highly melodic cue. I bet MJ and Darkchild had a field day with this in the studio.

 The black media has Michael Jackson bound within the confines of yellow journalism. like watchdogs, the Paparazzi make sure they keep him locked up in his cage. Then one day his cell was found empty. Consequentially, the tabloid industry in conjunction with mainstream outlets make an unholy alliance to capture and bring him back behind the bars of sensationalism. Where everyone can break off a piece of the Jackson pie. His death wish is almost prophetic. Go Here and do your ears a favor!

Michael's Version: 6/5 Stars!!!

Timbo Style

 Nothing can outdo the original. And Darkchild's new remix is no exception. Yet they do a good job contemporizing this tune into a Detroit experience-giving it a metropolitan feel. Love it or hate it, Click Here and find out how this compares to the original.

New Version: 4/5 Stars!

In Conclusion

 I am quite satisfied with this record! There might be a few issues that need tweaking here or there. But overall, this project is a vast improvement compared to the Casio bomb. Which turned fan against fan, and fan against estate. I give this album a 4.5 out of 5 stars! Good job guys!

Xscape Album 4.5/5 Stars!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Xscape-A Critical Analysis


 Gathering big time producers who at least have tenuous connections with Michael Jackson, Sony has treated us with another compilation of outtakes from the King of Pop. And let me tell you. I am thoroughly astonished! Yes, the contemporized mixed are a bit overproduced. But when compared against Michael, The Estake has come along way in amending their shabby reputation.

 You will not find any hint of autotune, melodyne, nor any fake vocals on this record. You won't even find bells and whistles artificially stabled together into a jumbled mess! What you Will receive is an album full of Jackson's mind-crafted art. Ingeniously lared into 8 mind-blowing tracks that never made the cut(not because their bland). Plus 9 contemporary interpretations from the likes of Justin Timberlake(from NSYNC), Timbaland(Beyonce), Stargate(who worked with Lionel Richie), John McClain, J Roc, and Rodney Jerkins. At first you might feel it a bit bland or overproduced. But guys, just give it a few listens with your earphones and you'll see why I'm impressed. However, the originals will never be beat!

The Making of Escape

 I wasn't all that impressed with the documentary. I was hoping for a step-by-stem analysis on Mr. Jackson's material by Matt Forger, Robbie, and many others who actually helped in making these 8 demos(Now to be fair, Corey Rooney was there and he did discuss his involvement in the making of "Chicago"). Instead the video was more on how they modernized his classics with state-of-the-art soundboards and synthesized beats. The DVD was too short and needed more promotion material added. Like Maybe a grassroots music video of clamation to celebrate Michael's artistry.

Love Never Felt So Good

Original Version

 This is pretty much identical to the 8 year old leak(who's lyrics you can read Here). Only in better minted quality. Back in the early 80's Paul Anka and Kathy Wakefield each co-wrote this song and gave it to Mike-originally intending Anka to collaborate on piano. But since it did not conform to Michael's vision for his upcoming album "Bad". Jackson graciously handed the gem over to Mr. Mathis for his own album "A Special Part of Me"(Johnny's version can be heard Here).

 If you want to hear Michael's crisp vocals untouched over a Classical piano then the original just might suit you more. This is Jackson in the prime of his life! Click Here to have a listen!

Demo: 5/5 Stars!

Updated Solo Version and Justin Timberlake's Video

 John McClain(not McCain :)) has teamed up with Giorgio Tuinfort to produce a masterpiece-an actual improvement upon the demo. Adding some funky strings, a hard backbeat, and a Classical layout to the track! I firmly believe The Estate should keep these two guys in tabs as future references!

 Now as for Justin Timberlake's spin, Timbaland inducts a Xylophone throughout with allusions to Don't Stop Til' You Get Enough. Without overdoing it Justin attempts to duet with the pop star "Suit and Tie" style. Even respectfully cueing Mick to chime in on his lines.

 Although not another homemade fan collaboration, the music video does contain numerous stars paying tribute to MJ's legacy. Even Tia and Tamera Mowry are seen paying their respects[correction: on second thought, these twins are not from Sister Sister]! The video was alright but nothing "off the hook". For future projects, My opinion would be to veer more towards cartoons and storylines. Maybe even do something with The Muppets(hint hint). Something other than mere tributes. Well, here is the John McClain Mix. I'm not much of an Electro-Pop or Techno freak. But here's the Freddie Legrand Mix! It didn't impress me much.

New Solo Version: 5/5 Stars!

Timberlake's Edition: 4.5/5 Stars!

Freddie Legrand Remix 2/5 Stars!


Original Demo

 Now this one was never completely finished until after Jackson passed away. Taj Jackson(Michael's Nephew) and Cory Rooney finished it as a candidate for his first posthumous album. To be honest, I haven't listened to the unleaked version before that. Taj Jackson's take is great but for some reason it feels ever so slightly off on the electric keys and cymbal snare. As they don't fully jive with his vocals. But as you get used to it, you will appreciate how Michael writes stories with his tongue.

 The tale is about a seductress(what else is new :)) who plays the part of an innocent widow looking for the man of her dreams. Turns out she was married and those children were her husband's. Jackson caught on thin ice, passionately explained the whole ordeal to her jealous husband.

Originally, the song was called by Jackson "She Was Loving Me". The track can be found Here.

Original Take: 4.5/5 Stars!

New Take Plus Paperchaser

 At first I felt the Harmon take was a bit jumbled and quirky but as I listened it eventually grew on me. They even add a few ab libs from him not found on the original. The quacking ducks weren't all that necessary(more like rubberduck :)). But they don't take anything away from the groove. Over all I feel they did a fine job tweaking his sound for a different generation! Go Here to have a listen.

New Version: 4/5 Stars!

 Now as you're well aware, I'm not much into remixes and this one is no exception. I thought it was slightly too fast for my taste. But unlike other Michael Jackson remixes, Techno beats are not prominent throughout(thank goodness). I like how Papercha$er emphasises his vocals at certain times. Otherwise it's just another bland mix. But here you be the judge: Paperchaser!

Paperchaser Remix: 2.5/5 Stars!

Loving You

The Demo

 The scene is from the mid 80's. Michael seems to have caught himself a little cold. On a dreary muggy night, Mr. Jackson relished the thought of giving his wife a fine-dining experience. But rather opts to spend the night under the covers as they've both come down with the flu. It's at this point they experience each other like never before.

 You will adore his fresh and crisp vocals. Yes the tape is not in perfect condition. Yet that will not take away from the magic of this gem. And if one had to guess, this did not mix well with the Bad Sessions. So the song was in limbo until now. Test it out Right Here!

Original Recording: 4.5/5 Stars!

New Edition

 Tim and Harmon give it a more uptempo beat with an R&B vibe written all over it! This sounds soo early 90's. Especially with the acappella outro for the finale. I can just hear the radio host chiming in right after that line. I could see Michael might've worked on it again during the Dangerous Era(of course with new vocals). But no such evidence exists as of yet.

 The only quirk from me is it needs live instrumentation as mere synthesizers gives it a plastic cover. Everything else about the new take is just superb! Hear it for yourselves!

Timba Version: 4/5 Stars!

A Place With No Name

Original Mix

 Derived from the tune "A Horse With No Name(listen Here) by America, Michael gives it a whole new spin with his signature ab libs and distinct drumline. The song tells a tale of an enchanted oasis. When Michael's jeep breaks down in the middle of nowhere(with a thousand suns blazing upon your back), a mysterious electrical fog beckens on the horizon. Dieing of thirst, these three men inch closer to find a highly attractive innocent woman calling on them to follow her through the mist. With little thought, Michael took her hand and was instantly transported unto a utopian landscape. Full of laughter and happiness. A place without a care in the world. Not named by any king, prince, nor prefect. Just beyond that fog.

 His loved-one's had recently passed away. So you can tell how much this spring uplifts Michael's spirits. But pardon me for spoiling you with the whole storyline. I'll let you be the judge over Here!

Michael's Version: 5/5 Stars!

Stargate Edition

 When I first heard the opening electric keys, my fears of another slop-fest production started surfacing. But after I purchased the CD I gave it a listen under the earphones. What can I tell you. I am ecstatic!! The electric keys and drum snare give it a melody dance beat like no other! No this is not Techno, Hip Hop, nor some bland club hit. This is Stargate in which The Estate will do good not to overlook on their next project!

 I believe this should've been the lead single with an official video. I think dance floors would be demand it from coast to coast! Just imagine a claymation motion picture over a desert with MJ as a clayman acting out the scenes. Now that would be awesome! Or even something colorful like what Madonna's record label did when she was busy touring. Anyways, here's the New Take.

Stargate's Version: 5/5 Stars!


Stay tuned for part 2 of my review of Michael Jackson's Xscape![Part 2 is now up.]

Friday, December 14, 2012

Michael Jackson's Al Capone

 Michael Jackson sure loved to fancy himself as a gangsta. From "Beat It, to "Bad" the Gloved One was on the streets. Weather it be "Moonwalker" to "You Rock My World", he battled the Mafia(with Joe Peshie) and confronted The Godfather. He even experimented with Gangsta Rap for the uptemple smash "2 Bad". "Al Capone" has joined the party!

 As you can easily disern, "Al Capone" eventually evolved into what we know as Smooth Criminal. However, the inspiration actually stemmed in part from a previous outtake "Chicago 1945". Perhaps recorded during the Thriller Sessions.

 As the song progressed in development, so did the storyline. Al Capone was eventually dropped in favor of Annie. Mr. Jackson brought the spirits to this ago-old club to rest by solving an ancient mystery of the murder of this innocent clubber during the roaring 20's. Thus, "Al Capone" became "Smooth Criminal"!

Lyrics to Al Capone

Why did you let him getaway, after the scary might just say
Just done it on that cold as ice, screaming my face [?]
Now it’s my job to get revenge
Why did you let him getaway?
Why did you let him getaway?

Too bad, forget it, cause there’s Al Capone who's in it
So sad, regret it, cause a mad man’s out tonight

Should have told her, nobody ever showed her about this
And now I scream, nobody should be treated this way
Should have told her, nobody ever showed her about this
And now I scream, nobody should be treated this way

Why did you let him getaway, after the scary might just say
Just done it on that cold as ice, screaming my face [?]
Now it’s my job to get revenge
Why did you let him getaway?
Why did you let him geta-

-Too bad, forget it, cause there’s Al Capone who's in it
So sad, regret it, and I told her out tonight

Should have told her, nobody ever showed her about this
And now I scream, nobody should be treated this way
Should have told her, nobody ever showed her about this
And now I scream, nobody should be treated this way

Too bad, forget it, cause there’s Al Capone who's in it
So sad, regret it, cause a man is out tonight

Should have told her, nobody ever showed her about this
And now I scream, nobody should be treated this way
Should have told her, nobody ever showed her about this
And now I scream, nobody should be treated this way

Should have told her, nobody ever showed her about this
And now I scream, nobody should be treated this way
Should have told her, nobody ever showed her about this
And now I scream, nobody should be treated this way

Why did you let him getaway, after the scary might just say
Just done it on that cold as ice, screaming my face [?]
Now it’s my job to get revenge
Why did you let him getaway?
Why did you let him getaway?

Michael Jackson's Father Passes Away at 89!

 On June 27th, 2018 Michael Jackson's dad passed on from a bout of cancer. Although he was very rough with his children and yes abused t...