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A Place With No Name Single and Other News

The second single off of Xscape has just debuted on my birthday(August 11th). The digital single comes with a post humous music video loosely based on the track.

 This release comes after speculation that The Estate is working on Xscape 2.0. A second installment to the first project(think Justin Timberlake's 20/20 Experience). reports say feature 4(or more) new songs with another single by November.

 If I were them, I'd use Jackson's unreleased Christmas song as the feature tune! That's one thing missing from Michael post-Thriller. During the History Era, Mr Jackson worked on an original Christmas track complete with bells, sleighs, and other seasonal effects. It's anyone's guess why it was scaped.

Music Video  I was not at all impressed by the sexual overtones throughout the clip as I was expecting more of a rated G/PG flic on a utopian oasis with laughing children and care-free pleasure. Instead, it appears her skin is utopia! Otherwise, I felt the producti…
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Michael Jackson Hologram

One month ago some fans were flabbergasted by Billboard's attempt to resurrect The King of Pop-even accusing The Estate of hiring an impersonator to fill in the blanks on his dance moves. Although I felt the performance was otherwise spectacular, I believe there's some merit to the madness.

 First of, his dance moves seem a bit clumsy and slow. Secondly, if you look real close, his mouth moves sloppily. Almost as if their motion-picture(CGI) wasn't synced properly. Thirdly(though I don't think this could be helped), Michael did not seem to connect with his audience as he normally does.

 Personally, the original version would have done much better on the show. Either that or the original Xscape. Anyhow this dilemma is nowhere near the noise of the Casio fiasko! In honor of the 5th anniversary to Jackson's death, I implore you to keep Michaeling!


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Xscape-A Critical Analysis Part 2

This is the second installment of my two-part analysis of Michael Jackson's posthumous album Xscape. If you missed it, I've already reviewed the first four tacks Over Here. We shall continue with track five.

Slave To The RhythmEarly 90's Version Now this is quite unique and calls for a whole new explanation! Michael clashes theatrics with the club. A tapestric introduction followed by the dancefloor! "Slave To The Rhythm" will harken you back to the turn of the 90's. When inline skating was a way to pick up a date. Had Jackson released this, the dance industry would have been saved from mundanity. If only he remixed his own tracks(like Janet did on one album). Instead he relied on third-party candidates to do the job(mainly after Bad). There's even a story to go along with the beat(unlike most club-bangers today).

 The songs portrays a passive-dependant mother who is practically enslave to her abusive husband. How she yearns to be released from his heavy…

Xscape-A Critical Analysis

Overview Gathering big time producers who at least have tenuous connections with Michael Jackson, Sony has treated us with another compilation of outtakes from the King of Pop. And let me tell you. I am thoroughly astonished! Yes, the contemporized mixed are a bit overproduced. But when compared against Michael, The Estake has come along way in amending their shabby reputation.

 You will not find any hint of autotune, melodyne, nor any fake vocals on this record. You won't even find bells and whistles artificially stabled together into a jumbled mess! What you Will receive is an album full of Jackson's mind-crafted art. Ingeniously lared into 8 mind-blowing tracks that never made the cut(not because their bland). Plus 9 contemporary interpretations from the likes of Justin Timberlake(from NSYNC), Timbaland(Beyonce), Stargate(who worked with Lionel Richie), John McClain, J Roc, and Rodney Jerkins. At first you might feel it a bit bland or overproduced. But guys, just give it a…

Michael Jackson's Al Capone

Michael Jackson sure loved to fancy himself as a gangsta. From "Beat It, to "Bad" the Gloved One was on the streets. Weather it be "Moonwalker" to "You Rock My World", he battled the Mafia(with Joe Peshie) and confronted The Godfather. He even experimented with Gangsta Rap for the uptemple smash "2 Bad". "Al Capone" has joined the party!

 As you can easily disern, "Al Capone" eventually evolved into what we know as Smooth Criminal. However, the inspiration actually stemmed in part from a previous outtake "Chicago 1945". Perhaps recorded during the Thriller Sessions.

 As the song progressed in development, so did the storyline. Al Capone was eventually dropped in favor of Annie. Mr. Jackson brought the spirits to this ago-old club to rest by solving an ancient mystery of the murder of this innocent clubber during the roaring 20's. Thus, "Al Capone" became "Smooth Criminal"!

Lyrics to Al …

Price of Fame

Coming from the dusty vaults of the 'Bad' Archives, we have the "Price of Fame". Another uptempo vintage track from Michael Jackson(mixed by Bill Bottrell and engineered by Matt Forger).

 Originally Michael wanted to use this song as a theme for a Pepsi commercial but opted instead for the eponymous track "Bad". Just think if he went along with the former...

"You pay the price of fizz.....
The price of Pepsi-cola

Father never lies
Father never lies"

 Imagine Michael lecturing a young girl on the pains of gulping-down too much Pepsi at once. But then going around yearning for just one more bottle of that soda-pop through interpreted dance(kind of like his split desire over Naomi Campbell for "In The Closet").

 Oh the price of superstardom Michael indeed paid for! He could not go anywhere, Do anything without body-guards or a thinly-veiled disguise. As were all other major stars, Michael Jackson was a prisoner in his own home. You could in…

Michael Jackson Free

"Free" is a soothing Romantic Ballad mixed by Bill Bottrell under the diction of Mr. Jackson. It is obviously a work in progress with Michael laughing towards the end with Rodney on keys(not Rodney Jerkins since he was still in high school then).

 I don't think this would have made the cut. Yet a B-side was certainly not out of the realm of possibility. I feel that somehow the lyrics got recycled for "I Just Can't Stop Loving You".

Anyways, here's what Matt Forge has to say about this track...

 "There were times when going back and listening to this stuff was really an emotional experience for me. That was especially the case when I started working on the song, 'Free.' When you listen to this song you hear Michael's spirit and joy. It's raw, it's loose, it's him in his element, doing what he loved to do. The first time I listened to it I broke down. This is what it was like every day."

Lyrics to Free
You're the one t…