Thursday, August 14, 2008

Jackson Family Tree

Let's get a closer glimpse on the roots of Michael Jackson. Who's family tree has come along way from the cotton fields of the south(never mind 2300 Jackson Street).

First Generation

Mothers Side


1. Prince Albert Screws was Kathrine's father(sir-named after his old-man and Grandpa). Prince(a.k.a Blanket) was named after him.

2. His mothers name was Julia and his grandmothers name was Mary(Michael's Great-Great-Grandmother).

3. The families last name was changed to Scruse(previous name unknown) after leaving Alabama.

4. Prince Elbert was a World War 1 Veteran.


1. Martha(a.k.a. Matti) Upshaw(later changed to Martha Bridgett

2. Bore Michael's mother Katherine. On May 4th, 1930.

3. Matti's mom is believed to be Josephine. In which Emjay received his middle name Joseph.

Fathers Side


1. Samuel Jackson(not the famous actor).

2. Born and reared as a farmer. Among an old sleepy town of Fountain Hill, Arkansas. In Ashley County.


1. Crystal Lee Jackson(maiden name: King)

2. Brought fourth Joseph Walter Jackson.

Second Generation

Michael's Father

Joseph Jackson

1. Born July 26th, 1929.

2. Was a Chicago Boxer.

3. Was a blue-collar Crane Operator for a steel company.

4. After marrying Katherine, they moved to a two-bedroom house in Gary, Indiana(the eastern-most suburbs of Chicago) with a street address of 2300 Jackson Street.

5. Had three brothers.

6. Formed a band with one sibling named Luther Jackson(Michael's Uncle).

7. "The Falcon's" only lasted for two years.

8. Formed and managed what would later be known as "The Jackson Five"(before Berry did the job).

Michael's Mother

Kathrine Jackson

1. Born May 4th, 1930.

2. Originally Katti B. Screws but who's father changed their names for unknown reasons.

3. Gave birth two 10 children.

4. Marlin's twin brother Brando died moments after giving born due to rare complications.

5. Became a Jehovah's Witness around 1965.

Third Generation

Maureen Reilette("Rebbie") Jackson

1. Born May 29th 1950.

2. Made a one-hit-wonder(album) "Centipede" and had another album named "Yours Faithfully" in 1998.

3. Married Nathaniel Brown and conceived two beautiful daughters and a son. Named: Stacee, Yashi, and Austin Brown.

4. Her two girls Formed a duo called "X-Girls"(now dubbed "Geneva").

5. Austin(a.k.a. Aussie) has his own thing goin'. A debut album is due this year or next(currently untitled).

6. Stacee has a son namedLondon Blue Making Rebbie a grandmother.

Sigmund Esco ("Jackie") Jackson

1. Born May 4th 1951.

2. Married Enid Spann who bore two children. Brandi & Sig Junior.

3. He overlooks a record company Jasco In which his son(Siggy) is signed onto. Also known as "DealZ".

4. A quasi-successful "Be The One" was Jackie's last album.

Toriano Adaryll("Tito") Jackson

1. Born Oct. 15th, 1953.

2. Married Deloris in 1972.

3. Had three sons, Taj, Taryll, and T.J.

4. Tito organized them to become 3T.

5. 3T collaborated with Uncle Michael on "Why" and "I Need You".

6. His sons are overseen by MJJ Records.

Jermaine LaJaun Jackson

1. Born Dec. 11th 1954)

2. First Married to Barry Gordy's Daughter Hazel in 1973. Of whom bore him three kids. Jermaine Junior, Jaimy, and Autumn.

3. Later he brought fourth 2 more kids from Margaret, Jeremy, and Jourdynn Michael Jackson.

4. His third wife Alejandra gave him two more sons. Jaffar and Jermajesty. And adopted another named Devo.

5. Only other brother to launch a successful solo career.

6. Converted to Islam around the 80's(only family member to do so).

7. His last album was produced with Babyface in 1991. Called: "You Said".

8. Stared in a 2007 reality show in the U.K. Called "Big Brothers House".

Latoya Yvonne Jackson

1. Born May 29th, 1956.

2. Coerced to pull dirty publicity stunts on her family against her own will by an abusive husband.

3. Shares the same birthday with Rebbie.

4. One of only two Jackson siblings without children.

5. "Startin' Over" is her planed comeback album.

Marlon David Jackson

1. Born March 12th, 1957.

2. Has never divorced.

3. Has three kids: Valencia, Brittney, and Marlon Jr.

4. Has a grandson through Valencia Named Noah.

5. His only solo is an album by the name "Baby Tonight".

6. Currently Marlon is a Real Estate Agent in Southern California.

7. And has a twin brother who resides in Heaven.

Steven Randall("Randy") Jackson

1. Born Oct. 31st, 1961(a Halloween baby).

2. Formed a group called "Randy and The Gypsies" After the Jackson's informally split in 1990.

3. Has been married three times and had three kids. Randy Jr, Genevieve, and Stevanna Jackson.

4. Two of the kids are half-brothers to some of Jermaine's children(Both brothers wedded Alejandra at some point).

5. Eliza was his second wife.

Janet Damita Jo Jackson

1. Born May 16th, 1966.

2. Is currently married to Renée Elizondo Jr.

3. The most famous Jackson sister. And second overall sibling Right behind that of Michael Jackson.

4. Stared as a cute girl on many sitcoms including "The Jackson's Variety Show", "Good Times", "A New Kind Of Family", and "Different Strokes".

5. Currently has no children.

Michael Joseph Jackson

1. Born Aug. 29th, 1958.

2. The most famous member of the Jackson family(O.K. so this is obvious)!

3. Was married to Elvis Presley's daughter and later Debby Rowe. Through whom Michael Jackson Jr. and Paris Kathrine Jackson were born.

4. Prince(a.k.a. Blanket) was born through an unknown surrogate mother.

5. He is planning a mega comeback! Stay tuned![Edit: Due to his sudden tragic death, I guess it'll be a post-mortem comeback! R.I.P. Michael Jackson.:(]


Next, we'll look at Michael's very fist record with his brothers on Big Boy. You won't want to miss it!

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