Saturday, August 16, 2008

It All Started With The Jackson 5

 It was one frightening evening. Filled with gut-wrenching anxiety. The boys had just broken dads guitar. Just thirty minutes and he would pull up the driveway. Certainly no time to repair a string.

 Sure enough, Joe pulled-up just in time. Every night he'd make it a ritual to practice on that very guitar-his most prized possession. Hoping one day to make it big and escape the rat race.

 On finding a chord strapped-off it's headstock, he vehemently marched up to their room. Despite Kathrine's pleadings, the Old Man was not buying into those little white lies.
All they could do now was cry. And anticipate a brutal beating.

 Surprisingly, a scourging was the furthest thing from his mind. Instead handing Tito the guitar, Joe gave a piercing glance and said, "Let's see what you've got"! Wiping away the tears, he literally put on airs and got down on that guitar-to his fathers astonishment.

 So father Joe immediately arranged his three eldest sons to join two of their neighboring peers to form "The Jackson Brothers".

 Initially in doubt, dad was finally convinced-When little Michael proved his talent-That one fateful night. With a voice well beyond his years! As Katherine exclaimed, "The Jackson 5 has now become The Jackson 5"! Thus Michael and Marlon eventually replaced the other two boys.

 Starting in 1964, they toured throughout Indiana. Aspiring one day to be noticed by The Big Boys. And that day surly came!

 In 1966, this boy band caught the eye of "Steeltown Records". The only company found in Indiana. Producing regional hits like "Big Boy".

 But it wasn't until performing at The Harley Theater and Mr. Lucky's-their big break came!

 During the Summer of '68 while watching them perform heart and soul, Bobby Taylor saw potential in these boys. Having connections with Berry Gordy(CEO of Motown), opportunity was knocking on their doorstep!

 After concluding one outstanding concert Taylor personally went up to them backstage and said something like this...

"I'm taking y'all to Detroit".

"Now?", said Joseph.

"Right now!"-Bobby Taylor(emphasis added).

 However, Mr. Gordy was currently overseeing Stevie Wonder and was reluctant to take on any new acts. Plus he personally couldn't make it to the pool party over his crib.

 Funny how success has a tendency to disguise itself! Watching the recordings from that day, Gordy instantly saw big potential! Especially with Michael Jackson! Immediately, Berry signed them all up to his label! Asking Diana Ross to aid in launching what would become Motown's last big thing!

...And the rest is History!

The Jackson 5ive

The Jackson 5ive became a Saturday Morning cartoon in the early 70's

 After reaching the top, Motown decided to further promote these 5 by creating their own cartoon series "The Jackson 5ive Show". Lasting about 2 years with two season premiers. The latter being "The New Jackson 5ive Show".

 Diana Ross, Berry Gordy, along with The Jackson 5 stared in their own Saturday morning cartoon. Though after the first episode only Diana's voice would remain her own. Many of Michael's pets(including the rat) took on a life of their own. You can watch a snippet right Here.

 In 1971, they also stared in a cereal commercial-Alpha Bits! Which you can watch over Here.


The Jackson Five-Live At the Forum

 A brand new double-disc live album features two grand performances at the Los Angeles Forum! One in 1970 as they were warming-up to fame. And the other is from 1972-When Michael first broke solo!

 The album features live performances of established hits, renditions, and even rare outtakes from Michael, Jermaine, and the Jackson 5 themselves! Go ahead and pick up your copy today!


 Next we'll look into Michael Jackson's origins on our next post The Jackson's Family Tree.

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