Michael Jackson Big Boy

 At first, they distributed it by hand. Until Alto Records came in and helped them. Their very first album would make rounds among the Midwest. The record originally contained 11 tracks. But was eventually wined-down to just four.

1. "Big Boy"
2. "You've Changed"
3. "We Don't Have To Be Over 21"
4. "Let Me Carry Your Books Home"
5. "Take My Heart"
6. "Jackson Man"
7. "Some Girls Want Me For Their Lover"
8. "I Found A Love"
9. "Jam Session"
10. "My Girl"
11. "Soul Jerk"

 Yet only an A/B single remains today. Thanks to it's re-release in 1995. And I've got it right here below...

JACKSON 5 lyrics

 To view an updated version of "You've Changed" with lyrics, come on over to my other post "Jackson Five ABC".

 Click Here to pick up your copy of The Jackson Brothers very first recording!

 Our next stop lands us on their debut Motown record "Diana Ross Presents The Jackson 5"!

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