Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Jackson Five Era

Michael Jackson was the lead-singer of The Jackson Five. The Last big thing to come off the Motown assembly line

 Starting today, we will go back in time to discover Michael Jackson's beginnings in The Jackson Five Era! From the regional hit Big Boy to their last label with Motown-Moving Violation.


 Coming from The Chitlin' Circuit, Joseph signed his five aspiring young men to Steeltown Records-An Indiana-Based record label. But all they could muster in was a local hit-"Big Boy". But that in no way discouraged these five brothers.

 Soon enough, their zeal brought them to the gates of Berry Gordy's million dollar crib-Who promptly signed them to his Motown label as The Jackson 5. But to get them going, Diana Ross agreed to help promote the next big thing off The Motown assembly line. By next Summer(1969) they moved to California and recorded their very first Motown record-Diana Ross Presents The Jackson 5

 Berry teamed up with "Gladys Knight" to form "The Cooperation"-A Motown executive production team. Together with Bobby Taylor, they would go on writing songs for this group until 1972.

 By January 1970, they had a #1 hit! "I Want You Back". "ABC", "The Love You Save", and "I'll Be There" soon followed suit. Making this quintet the first to ever score four #1 hits in a row! Within another year, they moved into the Havenhust Mansion at the historic Enrico, California.

 With the exception of "Mama's Pearl" and "Dancing Machine", The Jackson Five never managed to dominate the charts again. Mainly because Motown refused to let them create their own music. Forcing Joseph to once again window-shop for another label by 1974.

The Jackson 5 Archives

It All Started With The Jackson 5

Michael Jackson's Family Tree

Big Boy

Diana Ross Presents The Jackson 5


Third Album

The Jackson 5 Christmas Album

Maybe Tomorrow

Lookin' Through The Windows


G.I.T. Get It Together

Dancing Machine

Moving Violation

Little Michael Solo Archives

Got To Be There


Music and Me

Forever, Michael

Farewell My Summer Love


Outtakes(both solo and J5)


Goin' Back To Indiana

 Motown sponsored a show centered around The Jackson 5 featuring Bill Cosby, Bobby Darin, and Diana Ross. One of their shining episodes is the Homecoming concert-Which is what The live album "Goin Back To Indiana" is entirely based. If your lookin' for a little humor mixed with buoyantly crisp vocals, Pick up a copy today!


Next, we'll take a more in depth look into The Jackson 5 Era!

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