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History Session Outtakes

Blood On The Dance Floor became the best selling remix album of all time

 Well well, so we've make it through 15 tracks. Now I'd like to go through what didn't make the final selection. Since the above photo is a remix album, we'll discuss that below(on top of the History Session Outtakes)...

 The album is what I like to call "History's" missing extension. Or third disk set if you will. There are 4 session outtakes and 8 reinterpretations of the greatest double-platinum album of all time.

 Originally, the album was dedicated to Sir Elton John for his continued support on Michael's addiction to painkillers and a thank-you to all his fans worldwide.

 Some of the best disc jockeys around collaborated with the King of Pop. Most notably David Morales. Regarded by most as the best DJ of all time. Tony Moran, Hani, Fire Island Remix, Frankie Knuckles, and even Jimmy Jam have added their own flavors to the mix.

 As I mentioned on another post Blood On The Dance Floor/History In The Mix became the best selling remix album of all time. Knocking out Madonna's "Who can Dance" and his sisters "Janet: Remixed" album.

Now, let's take more in depth look at the History Session Outtakes...

Blood On The Dance Floor-If you count this in with History, that'll make it single #6. But for now, will just call it Dance Floor single #1. It comes with a music video of Jackson in a salsa-dancing Latino club. Don't know how he wound up in a nightclub. Except for Susie entangling him in her web of sin.

 O how I love this tuned-up on my earphones! The heavy beating and speedy rhythm just makes you wanna scream(ab-lib) and dance!

Morphine-Believe Michael reveals his struggle with addiction. Let me explain. I'm convinced "she" or "Babe" stands for his Instinctive Deforce. I'd say "He"=the doctor pushing prescription painkillers. "Demerol" is the word Mike borrowed to disguise it. You may have differing interpretations.:) I'd love to hear your take.

 Here's why I have that view. During the early nineties, Jackson finally gave in to get reconstructive surgery for his scalp which was burned from the Pepsi incident(add to the dilemma treatment for Lupus). To ease the symptoms, the doctor gave him a prescribed antidote. Eventually, he couldn't live without these quick fixes. So voluntarily, Michael went into rehab and came out clean.

Superfly Sister-Believed to be Mr. Jackson's negative view on Latoya's husband. How he only used her for sex, money, and fame. Which I wouldn't be surprised.

 Jack Gordan married as her producer in 1989. Forced to give up family, lie about her brother, and strip tease for Playboy, he was every bit as an abuser. Whenever she stood up for the right, he would beat her into submission(remember those marks)!

Ghosts-One day Michael was asked to write for the then upcoming Adams Family Values(1993). He declined for reasons of a tight schedule. Suddenly an idea popped up. "How about if I make another Thriller"!

 One night as Jackson was on the phone with a dear friend-who happened to be Steven King. They both came up with a script. What eventually turned into the short film "Ghosts".

 To this very day, the film holds the record for the longest music video ever made. 40 minutes long! But like "Moonwalker", I thought the story didn't naturally flow from one scene to another. But there are some moments which are just dynamite! I Just wished he used the outtakes as they are reportedly much better!

Is It Scary-Although he declined the offer, a soundtrack was intended for a new movie(The Adams Family Movie). But did not quite fit in with the script. But instead of wallowing up in self-pity, Michael integrated this song into his Ghosts sequel.

 A third and final single was planned for the remix album "Blood On The Dance Floor". But Sony withdrew the project at the last minute. There are a few rare promos flying around somewhere.

 It has been said to premier on Decade(an unreleased 1993 greatest hits compilation). But those nasty allegations halted those plans. Some say it was the precursor to what became the album "History". My gut feeling tells me of a "Dangerous in the mix" with never before released sessions.;)[Update: Rob(one of MJ's engineers) confirmed it was the former view]

In The Back(Demo)-Very close to replacing "Superfly Sister" on his "Dance Floor" album. A few early copies are still believed to have it!

 I can just here the Headline News..."Mike's at it again. Playing the victim of a mass conspiracy". Maybe that's why he dropped it at the last minute.:)

 To me this has somewhat of a John Lennonish feel to it. With the hard-core drums, alternative hard-knock sound, and protestant lyrics...And don't ask me why he does that "dah dah dah dah dah dah dah dah". Perhaps the track is unfinished.

On The Line-Formally written for the film "Get On the Bus". But Did not make the soundtrack. Don't know the details, but I think it has to do with his disapproval of using civil rights to promote the gay lifestyle.

We Be Ballin'-A compilation Emjay contributed to the NBA. but was halted due to the rampant strikes going on that year. Additional collaborators included Shaq and Ice Cube(as well as Razz B.). This was never intended to be on Jackson's album.

"Elizabeth, I Love You"-Not an outtake but a tribute to his best friend Elizabeth Taylor on her 65th Birthday. Obviously, the lyrics were written on his heart. Cause for him to burst out in song like that is Just amazing! The sound is more Disneysque then anything else.

Unknown Outtakes

 "Fear", "Face", and "Bass(z)ouille" are little known cuts possibly still in production hell. Thus, no leaks have been found to this day.;) Up to 40 outtakes exist from this session. With about 3-8 tracks totally ready lyrics and all. The rest have been recorded though have not been finished. "In The Back" is a prime example of what's considered an unfinished track to Michael Jackson.

...And that's it for today. Keep your eyes open for my next ramble.:)[The History Tour]

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