The History Tour

To this day, Michael Jackson's World History Tour still holds the record as the most grossing ever

 Think he couldn't break another record? Well, surprise, surprise! Michael Jackson broke a total of three records!

.He became the First(and only) Pop icon in Hawaii to have a night sold out for the Aloha Stadium(make that two consecutive nights)!

.A few of his pit stops saw the largest gathering ever to have attended a paid concert!

.Michael again sets a new world record in the amount of dough acquired before taxes!

 Around September 7th, 1996. The city of Prague of the Czech Republic was on fire! Michael once again thrilled the masses with 182 shows on five continents(including U.S.A. Hawaii). Each concert blossomed with a grand entrance of Michael Jackson on a spaceship.

 He even asked volunteers to join him onstage! Gotta admit if it was me, I'd freeze and be tough-tied lol.:) What would you do if he's in the same room with you? Be honest...I know you'd do the same.:)

Now let me just close with a behind the scenes footage shot of the tour...

 oh! I almost forgot. During this time Michael and Debbie Rowe got married privately one year after Mike's divorce(with Lisa Marie).:( They brought-forth(either naturally or artificially; doesn't matter) a boy a year later and named him Michael Joseph Jackson Jr.(a.k.a. Prince). The very next year Debby was pregnant with a daughter. They named her Paris Katherine Jackson.

 Unfortunately, this marriage was also short lived. October of 1999 saw them file for divorce.

 Plus, if y'all remember, he released History on film Volumes one & two on video cassette. This is when Sony started rehashing his greatest hits to the bewilderment of many fans.

Next, Invincible will be under my microscope. Stay tuned! But before you go, check out Some other History Era Happenings!

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