History-Invincible Era Gap

Let me share some brief bullets on post-"History" Pre-"Invincible" happenings...

.In 1998, Michael returned to the studios a year after closing the second leg of the tour. Not happy at all, they demanded all rights to new material not agreed when he initially signed up with Sony in 1991.

.In support of those suffering from the war in Kosovo. A concert was held in both Seoul, South Korea & Munich, Germany. Many contemporaries joined in. Boyz to Men, Mariya Carey, Pavarotti, etc. Like the demolition of The Berlin Wall, Michael & Friends wanted peace and unity for those in Korea.

.Michael Jackson receives the award of the Millennium. As he Rightfully proclaimed, "You ain't seen nothin' yet!" Anticipation was written all over the audiences faces.

.It appears Jackson was growing a beard albeit peach fuzzed. I commend him for being innovative in trying new styles. But don't think it quite fits his style.;)

 That concludes our tour through The History Era. Our next stop will take us to The Invincible Era. Stay tuned...

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