Michael Jackson Invincible

Michael Jackson's Invincible album made #1 in 13 countries. A record unsurpassed to this day

 It has been about 6 years and anticipation ran high! The hiatus almost nerve racking. By the fall of 2001, it was time for another Michael Jackson album-A new Era-A new chapter to his legacy!

 However, there were 4 obstacles standing in Mr. Jackson's way. 9/11, Sony, His physical appearance, and a crumbling Pop culture. Let's go over these stepping stones in more detail.

9/11 Terrorist attacks

 That morning nine years ago would prove catastrophic. Originally, his 30th Anniversary Concert was to be held on that fateful day. Had he waited another 6 months before releasing and promoting "Invincible", I believe this event would've worked to his advantage(not implying that he's heartless) in much the same way as John F. Kennedy's assassination helped bring The Beatles into the limelight.

 Yet it was a sad day for many. But it was too late to stop the parade("You Rock My World" had already been released the previous month).

A Conflict of Interest

 Michael wanted to move on after Sony's contract expired(2002-03). Yet during the deal back in 1991, Michael's attorney also represented Sony Entertainment. Thereby creating a conflict of interest. Michael had fallen right into Tony Mottola's trap(they had the power to halt all promotion to make him go bankrupt. thus, the Sony/ATV Catalog would be wholly theirs).

 Smelling something fishy, Michael informed him he was not gonna renew the contract. Despite their legal obligations, Tony abruptly pulled the plug on any further promotion of "Invincible"(now if I were Michael, I'd tell them after my album has finished it's course).

 Yes, you were supposed to see more of Michael Jackson. A handful of singles and video shoots were thrown into oblivion.

 In anger, he along with many music artists formed a protest. Many fans joined in the march to impeach Mottola and his Gestapo tactics. Again, Mr. Jackson should of called the guy by his real colors. Not beat around the bush and call him a racist.

Physical Appearance

 To add to the fiasco, Michael's plastic surgeons really screwed up big time! His nose was as small as Peter Pan's. In turn, this made his eyes slightly bulge out. paparazzi had a field day getting the worst possible angles and shots to make even more hideous. But you can't really blame him for this. Let me explain.

 During rehearsals of "You Rock My World", Michael tripped face-first and broke his nose. Reconstructive surgery was mandatory! The fella who tweaked his Olfactory organ obviously didn't do a good job.

A Fumbling Music Industry

 As the internet continued to gain ground, the music industry spiraled into recession. Everyone was somehow affected-Even Michael Jackson! The increasing threat of piratical selling with the declining interest in music could very well explain what Mr. Jackson along with other old-timers were going through.

But that didn't forfeit his chance at breaking another record!

Invincible Era Achievements

 Just a week after it's launch, "Invincible" hit number 1 in 13 countries at the same time! At the same time, the album made the distinction of attaining #1 simultaneously in 10 common currency markets! The first(and only) artist to do so! "Invincible has still managed to surpass anything N'Sync of The Backstreet Boys could do in 10 years. Anybody who had an album selling as good as Michael Jackson's latest LP would be filthy rich overnight! Although not up to MJ's standards, the album did a heck of a lot better then what critics make it out to be!

Invincible Album Review and Other happenings

 Ever since the 1993 allegations reared it's ugly head at Jackson, he's been suffering a diminishing image ever since. So to prove against being a has-been, Michael needed an album that could prove he still had it! Did that materialize? Well, yes and no. Let me explain.

 The album as a whole was not well put together. Each track is great in and of themselves. But something about their arrangement just didn't agree with me. On some track like "Whatever Happens" someone forgot to turn of the bass. It over-shadowed Carlos Santana's beautiful guitar riff.

 On a positive note, Break Of Dawn, "Heaven Can Wait", "Butterflies, "You Are My Life", and Don't Walk Away" more then proves Jackson's still got it as a Romanticist! Even as a humanitarian on "Cry" and "The Lost Children". "Speechless" is pricless and well-rounded for a soundtrack!

To close tonight, I'd like to draw your attention to this snippet.

 "Holly Valance or Delta Goodrem would think their Christmases had come at once if they sold five or six million copies of their albums worldwide. Michael Jackson did something similar in the past two years with his seventh solo album, Invincible, and he's been branded a failure in the industry and the media. Unfair? Yes, of course, because his Invincible figures are better than those for 95 per cent of the thousands of artists released each year and would provide a healthy retirement fund for anyone. What's more, that failure tag is consistently applied by comparisons with his 1982 album, Thriller, which has sold about 100 million copies and its follow-ups, Bad, that sold about 30 million copies. However, selling 10 million copies is still phenomenal compared to the album sales of most artists."

#1 Unbreakable

#2 Heartbreaker

#3 Invincible

#4 Break of Dawn>

#5 Heaven Can Wait

#6 You Rock MY World

#7 Butterflies

#8 Speechless

#9 2000 Watts

#10 You Are My Life

#11 Privacy

#12 Don't Walk Away

#13 Cry

#14 The Lost Children

#15 Whatever Happens

#16 Threatened

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