Tuesday, June 03, 2008


History now stands as the most remixed track of all time

 As a signature tradition, we are again treated to a feel-good "change the world" tapestry Ballad. A synchronization of Pop, Classical Music, Hip-Hop, and Soul all brought together under a new anthem. Michael Jackson calls on all of us as American patriots to create our own history.

 Our founding fathers stood up against England's iron fist. Thus, America was born. Slavery was outlawed, second class citizenship ceased to exist, women attained the right to vote all because of those brave few who weren't afraid to stand up for what's right. Who will be the brave citizen to stand up against the Goliaths of the pharmaceutical industry? "Everyday create your history. Every path you take your writing your legacy." Remember, with each passing year comes a whole new page of the story about your life. Great spirits like Walt Disney, The Wright Brothers, and a couple dozen others were nobodies(just like you and I are right now).

 Michael invited the group Boyz To Men plus The Andrea Crouch and a New York childrens choir to contribute in the background. He, Terry Lewis and James 111 each wrote the lyrics together. Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis both helped Michael mix and record the track.

A few notable quotations include...

"Some men see things as they are and say why.....I dream things that never were and say why not?"-Robert Kennedy

"It's one small step for a man.....One.....Giant leap for mankind"(footprint)-Niel Armstrong

"I am the Edison phonograph"Thomas Edison

 June 13th, 2005. Millions of Jackson freaks(myself included);) eagerly watched the final verdict. What many thought would become the next OJ Simpson trial.

 But then the tables turned. Michael Jackson was found innocent on all 13 counts charged against him! Truth had finally won over in court. History had just been made!

 To mark the day, Jackson approved this song to air on michaeljackson.com with the details of the case! Afterwords, he was disillusioned and exhausted. But still managed to attend the Neverland Bash.

...And no. There were no toasters around.:)


1. Tony Moron's HIStory Lesson
2. Tony Moron's 7 “ HIStory Lesson Edit
3. Tony Moron's Historical Dub
4. Mark's Vocal Club Mix
5. Mark's Vocal Dub Mix
6. Mark's Radio Edit
7. Mark's Phly Vocal
8. Mark's Future Dub
9. Mark's Keep Movin’ Dub
10. The Ummah DJ Mix
11. The Ummah Radio Mix
12. The Ummah Urban Mix
13. The Ummah Main Acappella
14. Acappella
15. Live

 In the year 2104, a teenage chick trows on a pair of goggles and is instantaneously transported to a virtual reality clubhouse. Not just any mind you. But a Michael Jackson Night club. Watch below...

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