Thursday, June 19, 2008


 Michael is dumb-founded to find another guys grass is greener then his(in her eyes). No matter how he tries to woo her back. She ain't bugin' one bit. Though she's swayed by this mans green pockets, he doesn't own true love.

 Speaking of diamonds & pearls, AOL once showed an animated Michael Jackson cartoon. It depicted Michael dancing briefly on top of a spacecraft sporting psychedelic boots and Bell-bottoms. I don't know if it was just a fragment of a now canceled promo shoot or what. Just surprised it's not on Youtube. Otherwise I'd share it with ya.:) "Invincible" was also supposed to come out as a single with a couple of remixes.

 A Screeching frack-train hitting the brakes transcends into a mid-tempo futuristic mechanical piece of R&B. The organ keys give a very faint reminder of Michael's dream team. But for the most part, "Invincible" is more on the relevant side. Even featuring a bit of Hip-Hop.

 During the songs climax, The Fats throw in a Rapping segment. And if you don't like Hip-Hop, rest assured! This is be the last album track to feature another Rapping segment! Anyhow, it's still Michael...Lest he still has darn good taste!

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