Tuesday, June 17, 2008


 Not a big surprise. Michael is griping about another woman that was in his life. Starting with Billie Jean, all subsequent albums contained at least one of these tainted lovers. Which portray a sinister woman booby-trapping her victims into a web of deception. "Heartbreaker" now enters the "Billie Jean" hall of fame.

 Some have even interpreted Heartbreaker as none other then Tatiana from The Way You Make Me Feel. But that can't be true. Since it's now believed they really had an interest in each other. But whatever the meaning Michael wanted to portray, the message is clear. If you love life, stay away from promiscuous women!

 From those dynamic control-room hydrolics to smashing new age percussion, it's clear Michael was looking for a new sound. It's just too bad he didn't have more time. If we had to wait until October of 2002. you can't rush a work of art.

 "Fats" contributed a Rap segment upon the songs climax. Like I've said before. I'm not much into Hip-Hop. But I don't mind. As long as they keep their gigs to a minimum out of respect.

 So there you go. Track number 2-"Heartbreaker". For the best experience, put on your earphones and pump up the volume!;)

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