Saturday, June 21, 2008

Break of Dawn

 Michael now digs into his past for a more traditional sound to blend in with the present. The combo makes for some Silky-Smooth R&B and a hunk of Soulful Romance for the ladies.

 Dr. Freeze(Elliot Straite) adds his own vocal back-ups while he and Michael mix this puppy unto perfection. Even adding a few lines here or there. He is one of four producers who worked with Michael on the album. You can learn more about him Here.

 Believe "Break of Dawn" was next on Jackson's launching list before Motolla slammed the door in Jackson's face. In fact, many believed the track would of started the year 2002 on a bang! Even shattering more records! By Or maybe it didn't need a single promo, seeing radio airplay alone allowed the track to climb on the charts!

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