Heaven Can Wait

 Michael together wrote & produced this song with Teddy Riley around the late nineties. When it was planned to feature on a Blackstreet album-"Finally". Which unfortunately never materialized. But managed to find a spot on Jackson's "Invincible". Yet Riley plans to have this song on a future Blackstreet release as a remake.

 Despite no official air release "Heaven Can Wait" reached 72 for the R&B charts. A feat incredible considering there being no single release. Soon enough, the cat came out of the bag. Radio stations far and wide couldn't get enough of it! Despite Sony pulling the plug. Even my old high school featured the song.

 Right now as I'm typing this, I regret not attending the junior prom. You see, "Heaven Can Wait" was chosen for the 2002 theme song. If only I had a girl...sigh. Now don't get me wrong. I have the looks and the disposition(smile). Just not the confidence.:(

 Michael Jackson is fast becoming a hypnotic Romanticist on this harped and soothing R&B tapestry Ballad. His ab-libs only add magic to the wand.

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