Thursday, June 26, 2008

Blood On The Dance Floor

Michael Jackson's Blood On The Dance Floor Single surpassed R. Kelly's I Believe I Can Fly in the U.K.

 Originally an outtake from The Dangerous Sessions, "Blood On The Dance Floor" found a spot on Michael Jackson's History Remix Album Although Teddy Riley and MJ both initially worked on the project together, the final tweaks were not done with his discretion. Apparently, Riley wasn't too shabby about leaving him out.

 "Blood On The Dance Floor" is a very synergistic, dance-floor ready, retrospective Jam. Very much in theme with "History". Drawing a bit of Funk juice from the past and mixing that Soul flavor into the hi-tech present. New Jack Swing is written all over it! If only Sony promoted the sound right here in The States, As it was we had little notion of an extra remix album.

 Part of the reason being the beginning pangs of a massive fallout between tony Mottola and Michael Jackson(see The Invincible Era). Yet despite no U.S. release, the single shot up to #1 on the U.K. Charts. Surpassing R. Kelly's "I Believe I Can Fly".

1. Blood on the Dance Floor– 4:12
2. Refugee Camp Mix
3. Tony Moran's Switchblade Mix– 8:39
4. Fire Island Vocal Mix– 8:57
5. Blood on the Dance Floor Fire Island Dub– 8:55
6. Extended Version
7. Acappella
8. Live

Blood On The Dance Floor-The Short Film

 Yet another Michael Jackson falls victim into another dangerous affair. But this time, in a whole new setting. A late 90's Salsa Club within the Latin suburbs of L.A.

 Vividly, the whole scenario is replayed in his mind as Michael tells the heart-knifing tale of yet another obsessed groupie out to kill. Thank goodness Michael found a secret note in a bottle(it happens in every novel, o.k.). In indignation Mr. Jackson doesn't throw an axle wheel to a car. No...This he's smashing salsa shakers on the ground! Before she got a chance to embed that 7 inch dagger, Michael ran for his life! All the while ditching the Salsa with a knife in the wall.

 Of course he imagines hexing Susie(in much the same way he did on the Moonwalker Video Game) into his web of dance. Thereby defeating her in the process.

 Vincent Patterson(the same dud who directed Bad) received another shot at producing this film with The King of Pop.

 I did not like the suggestive nature of this film. I know how that line goes-"sex sells". But I firmly believe you that if Michael kept it rated-G, he still sell just as many records(because of his many talents)!

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