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Michael Jackson Trial

He had just finished shooting on a short film for "One More Chance". Michael Jackson landed at Neverland only to find a handful of officers with an arrest warrant. The biggest trial in history Was about to ensue.

 It all started when Gavin Arvizo was diagnosed with Cancer of the Kidney and Spleen. After chemotherapy, drugs, and irradiation, they tried surgery to no avail.

 Gavin had one wish. If he could only see Michael Jackson before he died. The owner of The Laughing Factory make it happen! By just pulling a few strings, a wish had come true.

 Ever since then, doctors were dumbfounded! His Cancer was in recession! Apparently, the joy felt at Neverland Ranch slowly ate his Cancer Cells.

 Did Galven's mother thank him? Well yes! Evidence confirms the whole clan praised Mr. Jackson for being such a wonderful role-model and father-figure. But unfortunately, money got the best of them.

 Janet Arvizo got him just where she wanted. After Bashir's biased documentary, she obta…

Gotta gimme That MJ 411

To The Movies
 Confirmed. Michael took his three kids to the cinema in Los Vegas to see Wall-E. A Robotic-Adventure film by Disney's Pixar. They enjoyed themselves as any Rated-G family would.

 The theater was quiet. Just the way Jackson liked it. Only two other families in the outskirts.

 One man recalled...

"There were no disguises and the three kids weren't wearing the masks they've become famous for. Despite the guards, it was just a family trip to the cinema. They all wore red baseball caps. There was me, my stepdaughter and a Japanese couple and their kid-And that was it, so I think Michael must have picked a quiet day to come and see the film. They seemed to enjoy it; Jackson's daughter appeared to like it more than anyone."

They were also spotted the other day watching "Kung Fu Panda".

Emjay On Wheels
 Recently, rumors far and wide have been circulating. that Michael Jackson has been reduced to mush on a wheelchair. Nothing can be further from …

Hold My Hand

Akon who earlier collaborated with Michael on Thriller 25 later invited The King of Pop to duet on an anticipated album track "Hold My Hand" for "Freedom" due in October. However, a close associate of Akon's went behind his back and spilled the beans to the public. What's more, this clown actually leaked the track for all to hear on the World Wide Web!

 Try as they might, lawyers could not stop it from circulating across the frontiers of the internet. And so Akon had no choice but to halt plans of an upcoming single and video shoot. Even going as far as to omit it from "Freedom's" final track list.

 Whoever that guy is sure knows how to ruin peoples plans. Yet luckily for you, it's still floating around the internet to this very day.

Other "Invincible" Happenings

Below is a comprehensive list on all other Invincible Era happenings!

.In 2002, Michael appears for American Bandstand's 50th anniversary. Performing "Dangerous" amidst a wild crowd! Dancing like none other.

.Brittany Spears presents Mr. Jackson with an Artist of The Millennium Award. Accompanied by a birthday cake. Wishing him a happy 44th birthday. This occasion was bittersweet. Since he lost the music video award to "Hey Baby". By "No Doubt". Watch the scene Here!

.June 2002. Mr. Jackson joins a massive protest against the former head Tony Motolla. For his suppressive and discriminatory practices. Many others including Rev. Al Sharpton and Maria Cary join in on the march. Watch the protest Here!

.Should we name him the King of Awards or what? In 2003, Beyounce gives Michael a Humanitarian award. I can't keep track.;) To watch the clip, Click Here!

.Michael Jackson petitions the MIB for a position. Agent M. Zed has other plans in his mind. Catch th…

Michael Jackson Private Home Movies

Ironically, Living With Michael Jackson shaded the pop star under more controversy. Due to Bashir's manipulatory behavior, the public eye viewed him even more as a pervert. If Take 2 fails, what will he do?
Suddenly, a light shines at the end of the tunnel.

 Striking the iron while it's hot, Michael teams up with PBS to broadcast a two hour special about the private live of Mr. Jackson. "Michael Jackson Private Home Movies"-Which premiered on Fox Network April 24th, 2003. Many were just aching to discover who he really was inside. Of whom society dubbed "Wacko Jacko".

I've got the special recorded in full. Enjoy and be sure to thank Nicobus.;)

Michael Jackson Private Home Movies Full
Uploaded by nicobus

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Living With Michael Jackson

From the Summer of 2002 till January the following year, Martin Bashir conducted a Cribs-style interview on the lifestyle of Michael Jackson. Since reality television started becoming the vibe, maybe this would go beyond Oprah's interview.

Online Videos by

Yet Bashir had a more sinister plan. He would make sure the meeting was spun in his own direction. Leaving out pieces of the puzzle. Consequently, his reputation was left further in shambles.

 So a Rebuttal shot was shown thereafter to straighten out what was left crooked. But only half was shown due to royalty infringement(gimme a break).

 The footage your about to see Contradicts Bashir's manipulated version in oh so many ways. What Bashir says on camera and in private are as different as night and day. Old fans, don't be shocked to find you like him once more.;)

Let me just close with a quote from Michael Jackson...

“Today I feel more betrayed than perhaps ever before; that someone, who had got to know my chil…

Michael Jackson's 30th Anniversary Concert

An announcement was made from Neverland Ranch. He will throw a concert at Madison Square Garden. What's more? All 6 brother were to reunite as The Jacksons! An event no one wanted to miss.

 Within hours, tickets sold out! Not a seat was left vacant within that stadium. Clearly Michael Jackson mania had not left the states as everyone feared!

 This was definitely Jackson's night! "Got To Be There" released in 1971, Marked 2001 as the 30th year of his solo career.

 Seats ran between $1,600-$5,000. But included a carnival before the show. Followed by dinner with Michael Jackson. With top-payers($5,000) receiving an autographed poster with front row seats!

 Many fans were not that impressed as Michael paired up with contemporary artists. Some felt a little disappointed considering the price paid to be there(they wanted Michael and only Michael with his brothers). A few thought his time had passed. Regardless, everyone was ecstatic as Emjay ascended the stage!

 Lately …

What More Can I Give

While throwing benefit concerts(a.k.a. Michael Jackson and Friends) against the Korean civil war, Michael Jackson had a little chat with the South African Vice President.

 In an intimate setting, both discussed issues of poverty, factions, and dictatorship. The prospect of uniting Korea was an idealistic dream between them. That's where the inspiration was conceived!

 "we discussed the concept of giving, and the words 'what more can I give' kept coming into my mind... we all have to do what we can, to help end the needless suffering in the world".-Michael Jackson

 But the sudden intrusion of terror on September 11th threw a wrench at the project. Plans were quickly arranged for the urgent. On October 21st, 2001 Michael hosted United We Stand: What More Can I Give. The benefit concert included the performance of "What More Can I Give". A song exclusively written and produced by Michael Jackson.

 And so he invited a total of 35 artists for an all-star trib…

One More Chance

Right before the horrendous news of police raiding Neverland Ranch, Michael Jackson was in the process of creating a video shoot for his new song "One More Chance". A single which would in turn help promote a new remix album and a series of short films from The Invincible Archives. All in one Cassette tape/DVD.

 But as you can tell, Arviso completely ruined those plans. All we got was a single with a promo shoot of fast performances.

 Written by R. Kelly, they both worked on the track 50/50.Although Michael did a lot of the mixing, R. Kelly wrote the whole song himself.

 From the Soulful background trombones to his dynamic vocal ranges and hiccups, Mr. Jackson sure proves he has what it takes to conquer a new generation! It's just too bad his reputation was on the line.:(

12" U.S. Single
1. Album Version - 3:51
2. R. Kelly Remix - 3:41
3. Ron G Club Mix – 3:55
4. Ron G Rhythmic Mix – 4:15
5. Paul Oakenfold Mix – 3:35
6. Paul Oakenfold Urban Mix – 3:50
7. Night &a…

Invincible Session Outtakes

Here is an exhaustive list of all Invincible tracks that Either was sent to production hell or never quite made the list. According to Rodney Jerkins, there are a heck of a lot of finished outtakes from this session. Enough to fill multiple albums! So I lied. This is by no means an exhaustive list.:)

Fall Again Demo-I knew something spectacular was missing from his latest album! I Just couldn't quite lay my finger on it. I'm glad Michael took time away to be with his sick son. But this track fits in this session like a jigsaw piece. This beautiful Romantic Ballad was co-produced by Walter Afanasieff and Michael Jackson.

Beautiful Girl Demo-I can just see this on a soundtrack for a Romantic movie. Claiming top chart positions worldwide. But for unknown reasons, it was cut at the last moment.

 Michael Jackson and Tito both collaborated on an instrumental take which was also shelved.

The Way You Love Me-Sounds very much like something McCartney would do. With the elegant piano a…


"Threatened" brings us back to the Horrifying days of "Thriller". Played a gazillion times during the month of October. Halloween is what he'll always be remembered for. When everyone danced like zombies.

 Come 1982, Jackson revived a deep-seated yearning for more horror-flicks among us. For the next couple of years, many scary movies hit the big screens. Even a 1987 remake of "Night of the Living Dead" showed a scene of a raggedy Michael Jackson in a Thriller red vest!

 Michael gives a high-tempo Pleasure Island spooktacular. But this time on a more Techno/Pop crunch-Geared for the nightclubs. Snippets of Rod Sterling are heard from the tunes intro, climax, and outro. Creating the illusion of a Twilight Zone episode.

 Besides contributing a fresh Halloween beat, I have a feeling it's a bit personal too. Many gain-sayers who thought Michael was nothing but a freak and a has been, he wanted to prove dead wrong. Notice the ab hominom come the outro. …

Whatever Happens

I see Michael wants a little Latino to go on his album. So who does he call-Carlos Santana! The perfect scene of a Wild West Love Song.

 My gut feeling wants to say there was a video outtake. To accompany the unreleased single. But truth be told. He's keeping that info close to his chest.:)

 On some discs, I find the bass cranked-up way too high. Which kinda blurs out the Spanish guitar strings and overall aura. I doubt it was intentional. It's probably a CD glitch.
Now I will close with a quote from the King of Latin Music!

"I was very honored that he called me to work with him and I love the song".


"He was really happy with it".

Whatever Happens Lyrics
He gives another smile, tries to understand her side
To show that he cares
She's consumed with everything that's been goin' on
She says

Whatever happens, don't let go of my hand

Everything will be alright, he assures her
But she doesn't hear a word that he says
Preoccupied, she'…

The Lost Children

"Seeing them is like beholding the face of God" Said The King of Pop. "Jesus loved children and taught us to be like them. Not childish. But childlike"-Michael Jackson.

 Michael Jackson is well know(even infamous for the wrong reasons) to be very fond of little children. Those so-called allegations never stopped him from fulfilling his dream. To help all the children of the world. He's encouraged us to "Make A Change", even "Heal The World", "Make History" and "Unite Under One Tear". Now Michael petitions the Father to guide all the lost children to find their way back home in a wonderful guitar Ballad that would fit perfectly on a Disney soundtrack(well, at least before the invasion of teeny bop).

 Towards the songs resolution, Michael's children contribute a spoken-word over the beauty of nature. Over a bond fire with his father. While the others played hide and go seek(probably the NYC Choir). Conveying wonders …


Continuing his Anthemic humanitarian tradition, Michael Jackson launches "Cry" on December. Following October's Invincible Album release.

 Thanks to Mottola, America never got a chance to taste this song. However, other continents like Europe and Australia enjoyed it tremendously. The B-sides contain an "Invincible" cut(namely "Shout") and a "Bad" outtake "Streetwalker".

 On the morning of September 11th, 2002, Jackson initially planned to air this on all stations in New York City. In sympathy to those who've lost their loved ones in The World Trade Center. But Sony abruptly vetoed the project.

Cry-The Short Film
 I believe this to convey a message on the potential of peace and harmony through the bonds of unity. Symbolized by the holding of hands in single file. If we all just put away selfish ambition, there would be no need of wars, dictatorship, nor socialism. Only A worldwide total democracy of man. Which is truly heaven on E…

Don't Walk Away

Yet another sleeping giant which would of soared to the top if only there were a single attached. Kind of like an "Invincible" equivalent to "History's" "You Are Not Alone". But Michael had very little control over the powers that be.

 That aside, we are brought back to an "Off the Wall" vibe with a modern engineered farewell Love Ballad mixed-in. You can feel his sincerity as he mourns the break-up of a meaningful bond that didn't quite work out. Could it be Lisa Mari?

 Anyways, this smooth, down-tempo. easy-listening gold nugget will leave you craving for some more Michael Jackson Ballad(Though I don't think it quite fits behind Privacy. Enjoy!

 By the way, this tracks not to be confused with Jason Malichi's "Don't Walk Away" from his recent album "Revelations". I just want to clarify that for you.:)

Have a great day! Next: Cry!


After a soothing R&B Ballad comes a hefty Hard Rock protest. More geared toward Paparazzi journalists. Accusing them of selling their souls for top headline.

 Even going so far as to accuse these yellow photographers of man-slaughtering Princess Diana. As they were on hot trivial pursuit dieing to get a glimpse the queens daughter. Yet, just this past April, The Royal Courts of Justice have confirmed this scenario as opposed to Henry's negligent driving.

 What beats me is the line "On that cold winter night". But Her death occurred on a warm Summers night August 31st, 1997. Could be a play on words. As one losing a close dear friend, his pride and joy was snatched away.

 "Privacy" has much more of a traditional vibe that pulls an amazing stunt of flash-photography and film-strips getting pulled from there sockets and crumbled! In addition, I can feel the melody pour through my vains as the violins synth together and Slash gets down on his solo Medal Guitar! …

You Are My Life

Inbetween such high numbers as "2000 Watts" and "Privacy" comes a slower Disneysque Ballad which would very well won an Oscar had it featured on a film soundtrack! Together, Babyface, Carol Bayer Sager, Michael, and John McClain wrote the lyrics to this beautiful Romantic Soundscape.

 There was an immense struggle when it became time to decide what should go on track #10. It was either "Fall Again" or this. Eventually the latter was favored due to two other love songs which made it("Break of Dawn" and "Heaven Can Wait").

Many there are that have tried to decipher the meaning of the lyrics. However, I feel more inclined to call it a prayer. Or more so a friendship anthem like "Speechless". Maybe he meant it to be subjective. To have several personal interpretations like that of "Will You Be There". I certainly wouldn't doubt it.

 "Taught me by sharing your life" could either refer to the spiritual(…

2000 Watts

Let me give you a brief history on the song.

 Tyrese Gibson had a bare demo tape in his archives. Well as the story goes, Michael invited him to jam on The Invincible Project. While there, Mr. Jackson stumbled across a rough sketch of "2000 Watts".

 Tyrese explained it was an outtake to his up-coming album. Yet Michael through his sense of smelling a hidden gem(that's why they call him Smelly), begged to let him do something with it!

 Tyrese was more then happy to let Michael Jackson finish what he started. So Riley and Jackson reworked the track until the sound was to their liking. On hearing it would make the final cut, Tyrese quickly changed his mind and named his 2001 album "2000 Watts".

 "2000 Watts" was originally inspired by a charity foundation by that same name. Founded in 1997. "2000 Watts" was almost replaced by Shout. Another somewhat irregular vocal track featuring Teddy Riley.

Many thought Invincible wasn't fresh. I agree …