Thursday, July 03, 2008

You Are My Life

 Inbetween such high numbers as "2000 Watts" and "Privacy" comes a slower Disneysque Ballad which would very well won an Oscar had it featured on a film soundtrack! Together, Babyface, Carol Bayer Sager, Michael, and John McClain wrote the lyrics to this beautiful Romantic Soundscape.

 There was an immense struggle when it became time to decide what should go on track #10. It was either "Fall Again" or this. Eventually the latter was favored due to two other love songs which made it("Break of Dawn" and "Heaven Can Wait").

Many there are that have tried to decipher the meaning of the lyrics. However, I feel more inclined to call it a prayer. Or more so a friendship anthem like "Speechless". Maybe he meant it to be subjective. To have several personal interpretations like that of "Will You Be There". I certainly wouldn't doubt it.

 "Taught me by sharing your life" could either refer to the spiritual(Jesus), the ties that bind(friendship), or even a special someone who changed his perspective on life.

 Regardless, "You Are My Life" is a remarkable Ode To Love that has received very little attention or critical acclaim. I just love when he produces stuff like this. A stunt no guy could ever get away with except Michael Jackson.

 This song was dedicated to his children. Just listen.

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