Saturday, July 05, 2008


 After a soothing R&B Ballad comes a hefty Hard Rock protest. More geared toward Paparazzi journalists. Accusing them of selling their souls for top headline.

 Even going so far as to accuse these yellow photographers of man-slaughtering Princess Diana. As they were on hot trivial pursuit dieing to get a glimpse the queens daughter. Yet, just this past April, The Royal Courts of Justice have confirmed this scenario as opposed to Henry's negligent driving.

 What beats me is the line "On that cold winter night". But Her death occurred on a warm Summers night August 31st, 1997. Could be a play on words. As one losing a close dear friend, his pride and joy was snatched away.

 "Privacy" has much more of a traditional vibe that pulls an amazing stunt of flash-photography and film-strips getting pulled from there sockets and crumbled! In addition, I can feel the melody pour through my vains as the violins synth together and Slash gets down on his solo Medal Guitar! Now this is a Michael Jackson track!

Next: Don't Walk Away.

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