Don't Walk Away

 Yet another sleeping giant which would of soared to the top if only there were a single attached. Kind of like an "Invincible" equivalent to "History's" "You Are Not Alone". But Michael had very little control over the powers that be.

 That aside, we are brought back to an "Off the Wall" vibe with a modern engineered farewell Love Ballad mixed-in. You can feel his sincerity as he mourns the break-up of a meaningful bond that didn't quite work out. Could it be Lisa Mari?

 Anyways, this smooth, down-tempo. easy-listening gold nugget will leave you craving for some more Michael Jackson Ballad(Though I don't think it quite fits behind Privacy. Enjoy!

 By the way, this tracks not to be confused with Jason Malichi's "Don't Walk Away" from his recent album "Revelations". I just want to clarify that for you.:)

Have a great day! Next: Cry!

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