The Lost Children

 "Seeing them is like beholding the face of God" Said The King of Pop. "Jesus loved children and taught us to be like them. Not childish. But childlike"-Michael Jackson.

 Michael Jackson is well know(even infamous for the wrong reasons) to be very fond of little children. Those so-called allegations never stopped him from fulfilling his dream. To help all the children of the world. He's encouraged us to "Make A Change", even "Heal The World", "Make History" and "Unite Under One Tear". Now Michael petitions the Father to guide all the lost children to find their way back home in a wonderful guitar Ballad that would fit perfectly on a Disney soundtrack(well, at least before the invasion of teeny bop).

 Towards the songs resolution, Michael's children contribute a spoken-word over the beauty of nature. Over a bond fire with his father. While the others played hide and go seek(probably the NYC Choir). Conveying wonders through the eyes of a child. I believe this to be the underlining theme.

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