Gotta gimme That MJ 411

To The Movies

 Confirmed. Michael took his three kids to the cinema in Los Vegas to see Wall-E. A Robotic-Adventure film by Disney's Pixar. They enjoyed themselves as any Rated-G family would.

 The theater was quiet. Just the way Jackson liked it. Only two other families in the outskirts.

 One man recalled...

"There were no disguises and the three kids weren't wearing the masks they've become famous for. Despite the guards, it was just a family trip to the cinema. They all wore red baseball caps. There was me, my stepdaughter and a Japanese couple and their kid-And that was it, so I think Michael must have picked a quiet day to come and see the film. They seemed to enjoy it; Jackson's daughter appeared to like it more than anyone."

They were also spotted the other day watching "Kung Fu Panda".

Emjay On Wheels

 Recently, rumors far and wide have been circulating. that Michael Jackson has been reduced to mush on a wheelchair. Nothing can be further from the truth.

An insider has now set the bar straight. He told Access Hollywood "Michael likes to dress in disguises". And "He is fit as a fiddle"(emphasis added throughout).

So rest assured. The King is willing and able to return! Just be patient.

The King of Pop
 Sony is giving fans a chance to vote for their favorite tracks. To inaugurate his 50th birthday. Each country gets a unique version!

 In addition to thirty tracks(5 of which is previously unreleased rarities), a megamix closes each edition. So far, America hasn't been announced. But could be in the coming weeks.

Stay Tuned!

John Landis & Michael Jackson Working On Surprise

 Well Looks like the man behind Thriller will be once again directing a short film for The King of Pop. To go along with his new album and era. No dates or tittles have been confirmed.

Here's what has been leaked thus far...

 "Landis directed Thriller & Black or White (short films) for Michael Jackson.
Skylover ( luckily met Landis. He asked him if, despite their financial differences, they are likely to work together again.
Landis answered he is currently working with the King of Pop, and that 'it's a surprise'...

Stay tuned"...


Motown 50: Yesterday, Today, Forever

 Sometime from November-June, Motown will celebrate it's 50th birthday. Here's what I think. Motown 25 is when The Moonwalk debuted, I think Michael might pay them a visit for a comeback(will see)!

And that's all for now. From the Emjay 411 department. Now back to The Michael Jackson Trial.

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