Michael Jackson Trial

 He had just finished shooting on a short film for "One More Chance". Michael Jackson landed at Neverland only to find a handful of officers with an arrest warrant. The biggest trial in history Was about to ensue.

 It all started when Gavin Arvizo was diagnosed with Cancer of the Kidney and Spleen. After chemotherapy, drugs, and irradiation, they tried surgery to no avail.

 Gavin had one wish. If he could only see Michael Jackson before he died. The owner of The Laughing Factory make it happen! By just pulling a few strings, a wish had come true.

 Ever since then, doctors were dumbfounded! His Cancer was in recession! Apparently, the joy felt at Neverland Ranch slowly ate his Cancer Cells.

 Did Galven's mother thank him? Well yes! Evidence confirms the whole clan praised Mr. Jackson for being such a wonderful role-model and father-figure. But unfortunately, money got the best of them.

 Janet Arvizo got him just where she wanted. After Bashir's biased documentary, she obtained legal advise. Craftily selecting Larry Feldman(the same fella who represented Jordan Chandler). According to insiders, neither the boy nor his mother were making any sense.

 But thanks be to Thomas Snedden. charges were made on November 20th, 2003. Causing his album sales to drop to the lowest ever since the album Thriller made headlines!

 After the infamous 1993 allegations, many thought Michael was a pedophile. While having no idea how corrupt The Arvizo's were.

Stay tuned for The Trial of The Century!

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