The Michael Jackson Trial Part 2

The night after Christmas,

Not all was calm
Though some enjoyed a holiday
Others did not
Certainly not Michael
Nor his fans

We will now look at "The Trial of The Century". If you haven't, I'd encourage you to read up on my previous post on what led up to The Michael Jackson Trial.

Introducing Michael Jackson On 60 Minutes

 That night CBS aired 60 Minutes With Michael Jackson. Hosted by Ed Bradley.
Michael reveals stunning details on what went on in that jailhouse.

 As soon as the cameras were off the pop star, that's when the party began. Police roughly man-handled the guy. Tightening his hand-cuffs in the process. dislocating both shoulders. In addition, he was locked up and teased inside the mens room. Full of disgusting feces smeared about.

 Furthermore, Neverland employees were forced to leave the premises. As a sea of deputies came pouring in wrecking the premises. Especially his very own bedroom. Where it appears a hurricane swept through.

Watch this and other fascinating revelations below.

"He waved to fans with both arms while in custody"-Well according to Aphrodite Jones. His body language looked grim. Plus something that's dislocated does not hurt until later.

"He repeatedly touched his face while interviewed"-It was also confirmed Michael was taking pain-killers around that time.

"Recordings show no signs of foul play while in custody"-Well, what about the moments not on record?

The Trial

 It took the Arvizo's a year and a half of spoon-feeding, before the accuser had it all together. But even when prepared, the jury was utterly dumb-founded over the mothers arrogant stupidity.

 Each of the family members had a different story to tell. Weather it be fondling, pornography, Jesus Juice, or even kidnapping, each had their own juicy tale to bear. I mean, the boy had no idea about sex at 13? Gimme a break.

 On cross examination, the Arvizo's had a history of false accusations. Even robbing other celebrities blind. On one occasion, the boy claimed Mr. Jackson licked his hair. At that point, the jury busted with laughter. At that point, the jury could tell the motives of this troubled family.

 That Monday a solemn hush filled the air. Millions of fans desperately waited for a verdict. From the Santa Barbra County Court House-The People of California V. Michael Joe Jackson!

 But on June 13th, 2005 at approximately 225 P.M. Michael Jackson was found Not Guilty on all 13 charges! Fans literally jumped for joy. Mr. Jackson was now a free man!

Watch a piece of MJ's darkest hour below...

 Afterwords, he threw a party at Neverland. To commemorate what some would call "Verdict Day". But he has vowed never to live in that house again. At least not for a long time.

 And that is all from The Invincible Archives. Stay tuned for the final verdict and what is the dawn of a New Era!

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