Wednesday, August 06, 2008

The Post-Trial: Dawn of a new Era

.Michael was ready to take this head-on! Though a little apprehensive. The confidence in knowing your innocence, consumed his every fiber.

 So to help spread the message, he released a feature-length drama on VH1 in the Summer of 2004. Picking up the pieces where "The Jackson's-An American Dream" left off. A much more brutal relationship with his father was more eminent.

Released as a DVD Set. I've got a sneak preview for you below.

.The trial surly canceled-out any hopes for "Resurrection: The Sort Films"(the official name not known). A follow-up to "Invincible" which includes never before released tracks, Invincible Session Remixes, and video shoots! Like "One More Chance". But "Fall Again", "Beautiful Girl", "The Way You Love Me", and "We've Had Enough" successfully made his Ultimate Collection Box Set. On disc four.

 "One More Chance" made the "Number Ones" compilation. But the accompanied music video remains shelved.

.Michael Jackson is a free man! Watch the final verdict below...

 A few more greatest hits compilations were launched. To get out of Sony's six album contract. Signed in 1991(e.g. Michael Jackson: The Essentials).

.Michael needed a nice long rest. So packing his bags, he sojourned to United Arab Emirates. Where the Prince took Jackson in warmly to recuperating from the media spotlight.

.Michael officially announced a new studio album in the making. Will.I.Am, Akon, and Kayne West are some of many potential collaborations. From DUBAI to Ireland then eventually back to Los Vegas, he has been working day and night since March 2006. No name or date has been confirmed. Though late this year(or next) is not out of the question.

.November 2006 Emjay receives an award. Celebrating 20 years of "We Are The World".

 It's believed a malfunction caused Jackson's microphone to turn-off. Or at least tone-down. Rumors of booing from the crowds are totally bogus.

.Throughout 2007, Singles spanning his whole solo career were released alongside an accompanying music video. Something that's never been done before. By Christmas of 2007, a collectors edition consisting of all singles was released.

.A Superbowl Sobe Life commercial launches. Dubbed Thrilicious! Starring Naomi Campbell. Complete with lizards doing the Thriller dance.

.February 12th saw the release of "Thriller 25. At the rate it's selling, I won't be surprised If it became the greatest-selling catalog-album of all time! Though I thought he could've inserted a lot more effort.

 Now lets talk more in depth about Michael Jackson's Comeback. Plus, read up on Emjay's Ebony, Jet, and Vogue magazine experience.

 Alternatively, feel free to express your feelings on his catalog album Thriller 25!

[We were all taken by surprise on that fateful day. Michael will always be remembered as a Moonwalker after our own hearts-R.I.P. Michael Jackson Aug 29th, 1958-June 25th, 2009.:(]

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