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Michael Jackson's Comeback?

 So, when is the new album coming out? What new name will be stamped on this new chapter in his life? What songs will make the final cut? Will the total tracks exceed Invincible? These and many other questions have plagued the minds of millions of fans!

 Many a date have been assigned. Only to be proven another rumor. Many names have surfaced. Like "7Even" and "Resurrection". But the reality is no one knows except for Michael Jackson.
But I can share with you these tidbits...
  • From the mouth of Carlos Santana..."Michael, called me not too long ago and he asked me to work with him and Quincy Jones which both are back working together again." From there we can safely infer Quincy is back working with The King of Pop(at least partially)!
  • As mentioned earlier, John Landis has hinted on a surprise music video. No tittles or releases have been given. I'll keep you updated on further ado.
  • Frank Dileo may be back as Jackson's manager. I'll keep updating as more tidbits come available. For now, here's what Michael has to say. "This is Frank Dileo. He used to manage me. I’ve had nine managers since then. He’s the only guy that showed up, or even called to see how I’m doing." and..."We must go back to the past. In order to look forward to the future."
  • Will.I.Am has been quoted saying these very words...
    "For a month we probably talked three times a week. He'd be like, "I need you to dig deep inside! Do something that's unprecedented!" He'd hum a little melody over the phone or something. Eight song sketches were conjured out of phone conversations, then we met up in Ireland for a week and finished three ideas. We tracked one song-the running title is 'I'm Dreamin'".
  • Akon has this to say...
    "People go by what they heard or what they're told but nobody never really heard him and his story, and what captivated all those movements. If he takes that and accepts what's been out there and expresses his opinion, express his feelings. express what he felt on a record."
    "I think it'd take his whole album to a whole 'nother level because the album now becomes a soundtrack of his life from that point to this point and that's something people are gonna want to know about-That's something people are going to want to hear from him. And with his voice, and with our melodies, with the way and how we can bring it across I think it would be incredible."
  • Syience has even mentioned his piece of the pie...
    "I'm actually working on music for him now,"
    He said...
    "I always wanted to be a part of anything he ever did. Nobody really knows what Michael Jackson is going to do. Even the biggest producers and writers are not sure what's going to happen with that, but we are all sitting back and still creating and trying to get on the project. They asked me to work on the project so we're working on it."
  • Ne-Yo has been working off and on throughout it's production...
    "As of right now it's all phone calls and emails and mp3s and I'm not really allowed to say anything about it."
  • Kanye West has submitted a track...
    "I'm working on stuff for Michael Jackson. If I like a person's outlet or what a person brings to the table then I'll speak to them."
  • Big Chuck has confirmed a little rap segment on a track. Along with Sean Garret...
    "Michael is ready to take over the world. He's got some hot records. Will.I.Am did one, Teddy Riley(did one). We're giving Michael a lot of edgy street records. He's putting melodies to some hard party records.
  • RedOne's on to something too...
    "It's not like it's a secret, it's just that nobody knows(when the album is being released). When it comes to Michael, I'm not allowed to talk about the recording, but I can say he's unbelievable, honestly the best that music has ever known, the ultimate star, artist, musician."
 Based on all these excerpts, it really does appear Michael Jackson is trying to synchronize the past with the present. Let me just close with a quote from Raymone Bain...
"He hasn't made up his mind about whether a Vegas show is in the cards for him. He's been in the studio since November 2006 working on his music. He's been presented with various proposals".
And later on...
A Vegas show isn't a priority. He's in Las Vegas now. He's pretty grounded in Vegas. It's very convenient for producers and songwriters to get to him. He's worked there before. He's been recording with Producer Rodney Jerkins, and Neff-U"

 So again I ask. What will his album be like? Just wait and see. Patients is a virtue.

Next: Ebony, Jet, & Vogue Magazines!

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