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Invincible Session Outtakes

 Here is an exhaustive list of all Invincible tracks that Either was sent to production hell or never quite made the list. According to Rodney Jerkins, there are a heck of a lot of finished outtakes from this session. Enough to fill multiple albums! So I lied. This is by no means an exhaustive list.:)

Fall Again Demo-I knew something spectacular was missing from his latest album! I Just couldn't quite lay my finger on it. I'm glad Michael took time away to be with his sick son. But this track fits in this session like a jigsaw piece. This beautiful Romantic Ballad was co-produced by Walter Afanasieff and Michael Jackson.

Beautiful Girl Demo-I can just see this on a soundtrack for a Romantic movie. Claiming top chart positions worldwide. But for unknown reasons, it was cut at the last moment.

 Michael Jackson and Tito both collaborated on an instrumental take which was also shelved.

The Way You Love Me-Sounds very much like something McCartney would do. With the elegant piano and chirping sound from the forest. I could see this playing right after "Heaven Can Wait" on the album.

We've Had Enough-Originally a candidate for "Invincible", this song was co-written by Carl Sayer Bayer. With a pacifist theme running throughout.

However, the President went beyond Congress in declaring a war in order for oil mongers to run a monopoly. Thus, Michael reworked the lyrics in 2004 to protest the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan.

Shout-Once again, Jackson had a tough decision to make. Between two great songs. 2000 Watts or "Shout". A flamboyant remake of The Isley Brothers 1963 hit. But with Heavy Metal chords and Rapping added to it.

 It did manage to get a spot on his Cry single release(European only).

One More Chance-An "Invisible on film" compilation called "Resurrection" was planed to be released late 2003. Accompanied with an extension of remixed tracks and outtakes from the Invincible album(very similar to how "Blood On The Dance Floor" remixed a lot of History Album Tracks with 5 outtakes).

But infamous allegations hampered those plans into just one single within a greatest-hits-compilation-Number Ones.

Angel-First planned for a now shelved 1999 CD compilation. Then brought into the Invincible sessions. Now as far as I know, it's in limbo.

Do You Love Me-Initially planned for the same greatest hits catalog entitled Millennium. But never made the album tracklist.

That-Not to be confused with That Day. Which was written and produced by That Day Foundation. Yet the nonprofit organization has been begging Michael to record this tune. I'll give you the 411 here[Update: due to his sudden tragic death, I'm afraid it's never].

 Rodney Jerkins, La Shawn Daniels, and Travis Pain each worked on the album track "That" with Michael Jackson.

Do You Want Me-A Dru Hill duet originally scheduled for the album now tucked away in his archives.

I Have This Dream-Not to be mixed up with "I'm Dreamin" which may or may not make the new and upcoming 2009/10 album cut. Neither is it from the now shelved Katrina single "From The Bottom Of My Heart". But meant for the Millennium Compilation as with "Angel" and "Do You Want Me".
Listen to the instrumental below and prepare to be utterly shocked! WOW!!!

Xcape-Didn't quite flow to where the album was going. And so was put aside until the next album. When Michael was on trial, someone illegally leaked the track online. It spread like wildfire!

 At first he was going to sue the company distributing the song. But now I guess he's changed his mind. Since it's still readily available.;)

Edgar Allan Poe-Walter Afanasieff joins Michael in producing a song. All about a famous writer by the name of Edgar Allen Poe. Who composed fascinating poems during the mid-1800's. It has been said he was also making a film based on this character.

On My Anger-The Blackstreet Boys are believed to duet with Michael Jackson on this one.

Seeing Voices-Featuring The Ray Charles Choir. Michael wrote it to help us realize how deaf people cope from day to day. This was before Ray Charles passed away. Below is an instrumental.

The Gloved One-Jointly produced by Sisqo. An R&B producer.

She Was Lovin' Me-Quite possibly another collaboration with 3T. Since Mark C. Rooney is their general producer.

Another Day-A Hard Rock Heavy Metal Metallic beat featuring Lenny Kravitz.

Ekam Satyam-The One Truth-A duet between him and A. R. Rahman. The best Indian film composer of all time. It was advertised as a possible album candidate during Michael Jackson and Friends. This song is bi-lingual(half-English half-India Indian).

Cheater(New Version)-An updated version featuring a post-humorous Rap segment by the Fats.

Chicago 1945-From the "Bad sessions", Michael decided to work on this one more time. But unfortunately, it never made the final countdown.

In The Valley-The same fella who helped produce 2000 Watts with Emjay and Teddy Riley. His name is Tyrese Gibson.

All In Your Name-A duet between former Bee Gee member Barry Gibb. Initially meant to make the 2003 mystery remix album tracklist. Now in limbo. I have a feeling it might be considered for the album hopefully due late this year(or 2009).

Maybe We Can Do It-Featuring P. Ditty.

That Kind Of Lover-A duet of the A1. Featuring Ray Ruffin.

Pressure-Another outtake from "Invincible". May make the list of his fourth-coming studio album. The same can be said of "Seduction" and "The Pain". In which the latter is a duet with the lead vocalist of Boyz To Men Shawn Stockman.

Ride With Me-A Smooth R&B which never was finished but loaned to Brandy Norwood for her "Fullmoon" album.

 And many more where that came from. If all were listed here, Blogger would have a fit.;) But if your really interested, here's an even more extensive list. Visit This Link. Parts of it may be foreign, yet all song tittles are in English.:)

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