Sunday, July 27, 2008

Other "Invincible" Happenings

 Below is a comprehensive list on all other Invincible Era happenings!

.In 2002, Michael appears for American Bandstand's 50th anniversary. Performing "Dangerous" amidst a wild crowd! Dancing like none other.

.Brittany Spears presents Mr. Jackson with an Artist of The Millennium Award. Accompanied by a birthday cake. Wishing him a happy 44th birthday. This occasion was bittersweet. Since he lost the music video award to "Hey Baby". By "No Doubt". Watch the scene Here!

.June 2002. Mr. Jackson joins a massive protest against the former head Tony Motolla. For his suppressive and discriminatory practices. Many others including Rev. Al Sharpton and Maria Cary join in on the march. Watch the protest Here!

.Should we name him the King of Awards or what? In 2003, Beyounce gives Michael a Humanitarian award. I can't keep track.;) To watch the clip, Click Here!

.Michael Jackson petitions the MIB for a position. Agent M. Zed has other plans in his mind. Catch the scene Here!

.Very similar to Scary Movie, "Miss Cast Away" purports as a comedy of parodies. One of them is Agent M from Men In Black 2. I've never watched this. So I have no comment.

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