Monday, July 21, 2008

Michael Jackson's 30th Anniversary Concert

 An announcement was made from Neverland Ranch. He will throw a concert at Madison Square Garden. What's more? All 6 brother were to reunite as The Jacksons! An event no one wanted to miss.

 Within hours, tickets sold out! Not a seat was left vacant within that stadium. Clearly Michael Jackson mania had not left the states as everyone feared!

 This was definitely Jackson's night! "Got To Be There" released in 1971, Marked 2001 as the 30th year of his solo career.

 Seats ran between $1,600-$5,000. But included a carnival before the show. Followed by dinner with Michael Jackson. With top-payers($5,000) receiving an autographed poster with front row seats!

 Many fans were not that impressed as Michael paired up with contemporary artists. Some felt a little disappointed considering the price paid to be there(they wanted Michael and only Michael with his brothers). A few thought his time had passed. Regardless, everyone was ecstatic as Emjay ascended the stage!

 Lately I've been hearing Michael wasn't feeling so up-to-par on those nights. Yet for one to feel ill, he did one heck of a performance. despite back-tracking. Just imagine what would happen if Michael felt great!

 Anyways, here's the complete set below...

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