Living With Michael Jackson

 From the Summer of 2002 till January the following year, Martin Bashir conducted a Cribs-style interview on the lifestyle of Michael Jackson. Since reality television started becoming the vibe, maybe this would go beyond Oprah's interview.

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Yet Bashir had a more sinister plan. He would make sure the meeting was spun in his own direction. Leaving out pieces of the puzzle. Consequently, his reputation was left further in shambles.

 So a Rebuttal shot was shown thereafter to straighten out what was left crooked. But only half was shown due to royalty infringement(gimme a break).

 The footage your about to see Contradicts Bashir's manipulated version in oh so many ways. What Bashir says on camera and in private are as different as night and day. Old fans, don't be shocked to find you like him once more.;)

Let me just close with a quote from Michael Jackson...

“Today I feel more betrayed than perhaps ever before; that someone, who had got to know my children, my staff and me, whom I let into my heart and told the truth, could then sacrifice the trust I placed in him and produce this terrible and unfair program.”-Michael Jackson

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