Monday, October 27, 2008

Goin' Places

The Jacksons second album Goin' Places didn't fare well on the charts. Which prompted them to move on to Epic

 We've just gone through their eponymous album-The Jacksons. Now we shall bring our attention to the boys second Philly-LP: "Goin' Places".

Goin' Places

 Whereas the last record had "Enjoy Yourself" to look forward to, "Goin' Places" will tell you The Jacksons are ready to be anchored! I swear, the eponymous track will have you tapping your foot to the rhythm! "Different Kind of Lady" immerses you into the watershed world of Disco fit for an android! "Heaven Knows I Love You, Girl" will sure send a tingle down your spin. The rest are more or less fillers.

 All in all, "Goin' Places", Different Kind of Lady", "Heaven Knows I Love You, Girl", and "Find Me A Girl" are the only numbers that stand out on this LP.

1. Music's Takin' Over

2. Goin' Places

3. Different Kind of Lady

4. Even Though You're Gone

5. Jump For Joy

6. Heaven Knows I Love You, Girl

7. Man Of War

8. Do What You Wanna

9. Find Me a Girl

 Come and join me next time as I take you through "Destiny"-Their first Epic Record.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Time For Another MJ 411!

Let's take a break and look at what is happening in Michael Jackson's world.

King Of Pop

Michael Jackson's King Of Pop is a fan selected official compilation album to celebrate his 50th birthday

 King of Pop-A fan composed greatest-hits compilation run by Sony reached the top 10 spot. Thanks in part to X-Factor! But not to be rehashed, here's the source.
-BBC News-King of Pop

 As of now, there are still national editions waiting to be launched! When all is said and done, an international compilation will climax[Update: all versions have been launched. Sadly they overlooked North America]!

To quench your curiosity, listen to a snippet of "Thriller Megamix".

Michael Jackson, What's In The Bag?

 Mr. Jackson gave a serendipitous visit to a souvenir shop bearing his identity! well, at least a signature album name. So what's in the bag?

A toy airplane(commemorating "Off The Wall".

A few skin care spa products.

 Made of metal, this model antique just might be for a sick child he's attending or for his own little ones. It might just be another way to compensate his lost childhood.
The skin products are probably to counteract the effects of his Vitiligo medication(to learn more about his skin condition Click Here).

Further sightings have been confirmed of him at a comic bookstore with his children.

Michael Jackson takes the kids to Barnes And Nobel in an L.A. suburb

 By the way, to learn more about that album, go to my "Off The Wall Review post.

Will Michael Tour?

 According to many sources, Michael Jackson is planning a mega comeback next year with a 30-concert world tour supporting his soon-to-be released album. It remains to be seen where exactly he will stop. Though Europe, Asia, and even the U.S. might be on his list. To read more, click here.

[Update-Well, it's official...This Is It!

[Update-Unfortunately, Michael has passed away on June 25th, 2009 at approximately 2:31 PM Pacific Standard Time(possibly earlier). R.I.P. Mr. Jackson...:(

Horror Hound and Thriller 25

Thriller 25 Picture Edition

 Just in time for Halloween! Sony has released a picture-disc for Thriller 25 due to hit stores on Oct. 6th! Plus as an added incentive, Michael is featured in front of the October Issue of Hound Magazine. Thriller style!

 Well, that's all she wrote for MJ 411. Join with me Monday as we'll be "Goin' Places" with "The Jackson's. Also find out if Michael really did sell Neverland right Here.

Our next post will be "Michael Jackson 411 News Update.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

"The Jacksons" Album

The Jacksons first album reached #6 on the R&B Album Charts

 The LP kicks off on an optimistic level. Despite a little fall-out on Motown. With CBS, The Jacksons experimented with Philly music-A subspecies of Soul with a little bit of Disco and R&B intertwined.

 Particularly evident, Michael Jackson's tenor-strung vocals have fully blossomed into adulthood-And would wind up almost getting patented by the time Thriller came around!

The Jacksons Album Review

 Other then the classic Disco vibe of "Enjoy Yourself"(an electrifying dance hit), Leon Huff and Kenneth Gamble lead the group on the verge of mediocrity. The tunes are alright. Though don't expect much more then a few Philly-Soul Ballads and Funkazoid innuendos.

 Again, if it wasn't for "Enjoy Yourself", the album would be nothing more then shooting a few darts in the dark. Clearly Philly-Soul does not work for them.

1. Enjoy Yourself

2. Think Happy

3. Good Times

4. Keep On Dancing

5. Blues Away

6. Show You The Way To Go

7. Living Together

8. Strength of One Man

9. Dreamer

10. Style of Life


 Well, that concludes our little chat with their eponymous album. Our next album will have us critiquing "Goin' Places". But not before another MJ 411 update!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Wiz

In 1978 Michael Jackson was invited onto the set of the Funkilicious rendition of Charlie Smalls musical The Wiz

 Before "The Jacksons" officially moved on in 1976, Michael Jackson was invited to a Hollywood rendition to a Broadway musical "The Wiz". In turn a Funky adaptation to "The Wizard of Oz".
Allow me to compare and contrast the two versions.


  • Both involve an innocent setting.
  • Following "The Yellow Brick Road" was essential to find Dorothy's way home.
  • Dorothy unknowingly destroys the wicked witch of the east.
  • Both witches from the west are allergic to water(what a world).
  • Both wizards demand the death of the wicked witch of the west.
  • The two versions have a good witch of the north(does anybody have a clue about The Witch of The South?)
  • Both Dorothy's click their heels and chant "There's no place like home".


  • One was based in Kansas. The other in Harlem, NYC.
  • The 1939 adaptation gets her picked up by a twister and thrown to Munchkin Land. The Funketized rendition has a snowstorm transport her to an alternative Universe-A different New York City in Suburbia.
  • The first Dorothy was bold adventurous, and naive. While "The Wiz" make her more of a soft-spoken, shy, introverted type of gal.
  • On this version, Dorothy has no socks. Plus her shoes are removable. The original-Those puppies were sealed on tight with a good old pair of orange stockings.
  • The Lion hides in a statue at The New York Library. Wheres the original had him hiding behind trees in a forest.
  • The "Poppies" on this set are animated hoes, instead of flowers.
  • The wizard is a politician banished from the south-side of town(Jersey City District). The other was a politician from Kansas.
  • the witch is a slave-holder(sweatshop owner) among the sewage system of NYC. Dorothy emancipates her slaves to freedom. The other version, she owns her own castle.
  • The old rendition has her waking up in bed. The newer version finds her walking home to her apartment in Brooklyn NYC.


You Can't Win

Ease On Down The Road

A Brand New Day

The Wiz Review

 The film was very draggy and really amounted to nothing more then an acid trip to a Funky dimension of The Big Apple. Much too laced with Disco to even remotely capture the essence of the original 1939 classic.

 Now Michael on the other hand was the only parts worth watching throughout the whole film. His raw voice coupled with flamboyant acting skills clearly discloses the ambition this kid had in his heart.

 Other then having Michael Jackson and a bit of Diana Ross on the scenes, I felt "The Wiz" was a big disappointment.


 Next, we'll look at their fist album from the post-Motown sessions-The Jacksons Album...Don't Go nowhere!

Friday, October 17, 2008

The Jacksons Variety Show

CBS signed The Jackson Family to do a variety show for two seasons starting in 1976

 To compete with other 70's sitcoms("The Osman's", "The Brady Bunch", etc.), CBS hosted a brand new line-up of the Jackson family. Simply called "The Jacksons Variety Show". Becoming the very first sitcom solely run by African Americans(and sibling on top of that).

 Though Michael(now 18) was against the idea, the program still managed to spin-off their new image as "The Jacksons". Most prominently "Enjoy Yourself".

 The show only lasted for two seasons long but received special guest appearances like Sonny Bono, David Letterman, and Muhammad Ali among many others.

 For the first time, Janet, Latoya, and Rebbie would get a taste of showbiz. Even vouching to sign-up as a singing trio afterwords. However, irreconcilable differences forced them in pursuing other ventures. As for Jermaine, a solo career with Motown was in the works.
Here are a few clips from the show...


 Next, Michael Jackson receives an irresistible offer from Mr. Gordy To act in his own remaking of "The Wizard of Oz"A Funkalicious reinterpretation simply known as "The Wiz". You won't want to miss it!

Monday, October 13, 2008

The Era of "The Jacksons"

 And now, we will enter into a new phase into Michael Jackson's career-Commonly known as The Jacksons Era. Mainly from 1976-78 but I'll throw in "Triumph" and "Victory" for you all.

The Jacksons Era

 The Jackson Five left Motown for CBS in 1976. Consequently forced to abandon the logo, Michael brought up the notion of simply referring to themselves as "The Jacksons". This went over well with their father and legendary producer Leon Huff. So much so, even their next LP was named after them. After a follow with "Goin' Places", an even greater bargain soon caught Joe's eye.

 Epic Records promised these boys even more control and free rein in their creativity. "Destiny", "Triumph", and "Victory" conceived as a result. Shooting them to the pinnacle of their career!

The Jacksons Variety Show

 CBS orchestrated a sit com-The Jacksons Variety Show. Based on all siblings except Jermaine(Who lagged behind with Hazel). Many guest appearances(including Sunny & Cher) seasoned the show with the aura of their presence.

The Wiz

 In 1978, Michael Jackson got an acting spot with Berry Gordy on a Funky rendition to "The Wizard of Oz". Simply entitled "The Wiz". Diana Ross played as Dorothy and Michael was the scarecrow.
This is where he first bumped into Legendary Producer Quincy Jones.

The Jackson's Archives

The Jacksons Variety Show

The Wiz

The Jacksons Album

Goin' Places






 Our first stop will take us to The Jacksons Variety Show...Stay tuned!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

More Outtakes From Michael Jackson's Beginnings

 And now, here are some underground tracks from the J5 and/or Michael Jackson. Between 1971-75. For those of you who are new, read up on their outtakes spanning from 1966-70 on my prier posting "Outtakes From The Jackson 5 Era".

1)Papa Was A Rollin' Stone

2)A Fool For You

3)Ask The Lonely

4)We Can Have Fun

5)Guess Who's Making Whoopie With Your Girlfriend-A demo version to their #2 hit "Mama's Pearle" for the "Third Album". The lyrics were substantially changed due to efforts to keep the kids squeaky clean. Listen to the un-altered version Here.

6)You Ain't Giving Me What I Want(So I'm Taking It All Back)

7)Can't Get Ready For Losing You

8)Your The Only One
Jackie Jackson leads the other four on the outtake eventually chosen for his debut solo album. Listen to a sneak peek right here.

Your The Only One

9)Coming Home

10)Everybody Is A Star

11)I Hear A Symphony-It was little Michael who actually suggested they do a male counterpart to "I Hear A Symphony" By "The Supremes". Although it was rejected both for "The Jackson 5" and his solo career. Nevertheless, he gave it a shot. Motown eventually wound up using this gem as a filler on the Soulstation compilation.

12)I'm Glad It Rained


14)Just A Little Misunderstanding

15)Let's Have A Party

16)Love Scenes

17)Money Honey

18)25 Miles

And here is a series of unleaked material(some possibly performed live).

19)You Haven't Done Nothin'(A cover to Stevie Wonder's hit. Was scheduled to land on their next shelved album right after Moving Violation)

20)What's Your Life(A duet between Michael and Jermaine Jackson. An outtake of Forever Michael)

21)Killing Me Softly With His Song

22)Danny Boy(Song originally a Celtic nursery rhyme eventually evolved into an Anglo/Saxon tradition. By 1918, "Danny Boy" became an Irish anthem. By the time the British Invasion was established, numerous artists created their own covers-Including The Jackson Five. See them perform on my sister blog Post)

23)By The Time I Get To Phoenix(Formerly sung by Johnny Rivers in 1965. Glen Campbell made it famous later on. The Jackson 5 only performed it live. Watch it Here)


25)Would Ya Would Ya(Written by Freddie Perren and Christine Yarian)

ButtercupA cover to Stevie Wonder's hit and a title track to an unreleased J5 album. Originally scheduled to hit the market after "Moving Violation")

 Well, I hoped you've enjoyed our little chat as we journey through The Jackson Five Era-Michael Jackson's very beginnings. Next we'll look into his next chapter with "The Jacksons".

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Jackson 5 "A Fool For You"

 A remake to a Ray Charles classic from 1958. It featured as a single from his record "Ray Charles At New Port" in 1958(listen to his version Here).

 O.K. comparing the two, I'd have to say Michael infuses a lot more soul. However, Ray Charles is still a classic.
This was meant to feature on a Michael Jackson solo.

A Fool For You Lyrics

I know you told me
Such a long time ago
Well, you didn't, you didn't want me around, baby yeah, hey, hey
You didn't love me no more
But I know something, yeah
That makes me be
I just want to say, yeah
I just want to say, yeah
I've been a fool for you, baby (I've been a fool so long)
I've been a fool for you, baby, yeah
Oh. it's not your clothes
It's not your, it's not your walk
It's not your easy, yeah, yeah,yeah, yeah, yeah
It's not your, it's not your easy baby talk,yeah, yeah, oh
I know something, it must be something, yeah
Ooh, oh, that makes me feel
Oh, that makes me feel
That I've been a fool for you, baby, yeah (A fool for you so long)
I've been a, I've been a fool for you baby, yeah
Did ya ever wake up in the morning
Just about the, just about the break of day
You reach over, you reach over and feel the pillow, yeah, yeah, yeah
Where your baby, where your baby used to lay, yeah, yeah, yeah
Then you put, then you, then you put on your crying, yeah
Like you never, like you never cried before, yeah, yeah
I said, I said, I said you ever, you ever cry so loud, yeah
You give the blues, you give the blues to the neighbor next door
Ever since, ever since you were one, two, three, four, five years old
I've been a, I've been a fool for you baby, yeah
Way down in my, way down in my soul, yeah, yeah
I know it must be, I know it must be something, yeah, something, yeah
That makes me feel, that makes me feel
I've been a fool for you, baby, yeah (A fool for you so long)
Oh, oh, I've been a fool for you, baby
Ooh, oh, oh I've been a fool for you, yeah (A fool for you so long)
'Cause it's, 'cause it's, 'cause it's in my soul

Monday, October 06, 2008

MJ "To Make My Father Proud"

 We conclude "Farewell My Summer Love" with another Motown-manufactured Bubblegum Soul piece. Not real at all. What I mean is his father was harsh on Michael. So I highly doubt pleasing Joseph was his highest ambition. Or maybe it was out of compulsion(*Note* I'm not saying he didn't respect his father).

This song was originally sung by Frankie Valli(which you can listen to Here).

- Michael Jackson Lyrics

Call On Me

 Written by the Mizell Brothers and given to Michael Jackson on his then shelved 1975 album Farewell My Summer Love. An album Motown later released during Michael's heyday.

Call On Me

MJ "Here I Am Come And Take Me"

 Originally Al Green composed this tune in 1973 for his album "Call Me". As was so often in those days, Motown asked teen-aged Michael Jackson to do his own remake. He agreed. Yet the Farewell My Summer Love project was abandoned until the Summer of 1985. When Michael Jackson shot up into the stratosphere with Thriller!
To listen to the original, Click Here.


Farewell My Summer Love-The Single

Farewell My Summer Love debuted in the Summer of 1984

 The titled track and single of his last unofficial Motown solo-Farewell My Summer Love. Whoever remastered this shelved classic did a darn good job! Some actually thought it was a new Michael Jackson song in 1985.

- Michael Jackson Lyrics

Girl Your So Together

Girl Your So Together enjoyed modest success in the U.K.

 The third and final single to Farewell My Summer Love. It enjoyed modest success in the U.K. Maybe Motown overdubbed the track with an 80'd plastic cover. Or more so, people were focused on the here and now-Michael's golden Era!

- Michael Jackson Lyrics


 "Melodie" is an excellent catchy Love tune on track #3 of Farewell My Summer Love. You can tell. Just by his weaving vocals. Michael Jackson's voice was in the process of change. Something well known between 12-14 year olds.

- Michael Jackson Lyrics

MJ "You Really Got A Hold On Me"

 Many artists have covered their own takes on this 1963 tune by Smokey Robinson and The Miracles(listen to that Here). From Diana Ross to The Beatles. It's no surprise that we find Michael Jackson carving his own remake on the Motown LP-Farewell My Summer Love. An outtake album from the 1973 archives.

You Really Got A Hold On Me

Don't Let It Get You Down

 The first tune to feature on Michael Jackson's outtake album Farewell My Summer Love. Mixing in a little arrangements from the 80's works wonders. Thank goodness they don't have to upgrade today. Could you imagine this in a Hip Hop setting? I'm sure Gordy wouldn't resort to that.

- Michael Jackson Lyrics

Touch The One You Love

 One of three singles released to help promote Farewell My Summer Love which failed to chart and thus was taken off the market. However, it still managed to get on the back-side of "Girl Your So Together". In which the latter enjoyed modest success over in the U.K.

Touch The One You Love

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Motown Want's A Piece of The Thriller Pie

Farewell My Summer Love is an outtake solo album meant to be released 1975

 Thriller transformed Michael Jackson into an 80's equivalent to Elvis Presley!A brand new throne had been carved-out for him-That of The King of Pop!

 To cash in on the crop, Motown strategically threw together a handful of outtakes. Songs originally planned to compile an album shelved during "The Jackson Five's" transition to CBS. Motown further promoted "Farewell My Summer Love" with a 45 by the same name along with a few B-Sides, "Girl Your So Together" and "Touch The One You Love". Berry was determined to grab a second helping from Mr. Jackson's success(not ill-willed). Before selling the label come 1987.

Farewell My Summer Love

 The record starts on a spree of three catchy sing-a-longs(one being that oft' overused cover "You Really Got A Hold On Me"). But then the record slumps back into slightly above average pop songs. Although "Farewell My Summer Love" and "To Make My Father Proud(originally by Franky Valli) are quite edible.

 So to wrap things up, the first 3-4 tracks most likely will engage your ears. Especially the first two. The A-side alone makes this worth your buck! The B-Side is king of a drag.

1. Don't Let It Get You Down

2. You Really Got A Hold On Me

3. Melodie

4. Touch The One You Love

5. Girl You're So Together

6. Farewell My Summer Love

7. Call On Me

8. Here I Am(Come and Take Me)

9. To Make My Father Proud

 Next, we'll investigate lost recordings from The Jackson 5 vault. Stay Tuned.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

I'll Come Home To You

 To close out the album-Forever, Michael, Mr. Jackson spits out another hopelessly romantic Ballad.Promising his belove3d to always be there and to eventually "come home".

Lyrics | I'll Come Home To You lyrics

Dear Michael

 Coming off Forever, Michael-Michael Jackson's forth studio solo. His baby just wrote him a letter.

 No, Michael's not full of himself. Just elated he got a 40,000 check in the mail(just kidding). Rather, exited his girlfriend wrote him a letter.

Lyrics | Dear Michael lyrics

Dapper Dan

 From the forth-coming solo album Forever, Michael comes "Dapper Dan". Now this is the jelly! Despite the Disco flavor, I can dig a slice.

 By the way, wondering what in the world he's singing, go listen to "Why You Wanna Trip On Me from the "Dangerous" album.

- Michael Jackson Lyrics

Forever, Michael

This would be Michael Jackson's final album officially with Motown Records

 We will now evaluate Michael Jackson's forth and final solo LP from Motown. If your new here, I encourage you to go check out what we've already covered. Let's see, "Big Boy", "Diana Ross Presents The Jackson 5", "ABC", "The Third Album", "The Jackson 5 Christmas Album", "Maybe Tomorrow", "Lookin' Through The Windows", "Skywriter", "G.I.T. Get It Together", "Dancing Machine", "Moving Violation", "Got To Be There", "Ben", and last but not least "Music and Me". Now, let's turn our ears over to his last official Motown LP-"Forever, Michael".

Forever, Michael

 You can definably sense it. Michael Jackson's vocals are fully matured and ripe to start a new chapter in his life. Excluding "One Day In Your Life's" hearty medley and "Dapper Dan's" Funky Soul, there's not much more to offer then your average pop song. Yes, "We're Almost There" does lead you on a journey(as do "I'll Come Home To You"). But don't expect much more.

 So to make a long story short, "One Day In Your Life" does indeed save this record from the realm of the mediocre. So much so, Motown even made a compilation out of the title come 1981.

1. We're Almost There

2. Take Me Back

3. One Day In Your Life

4. Cinderella Stay Awhile

5. We've Got Forever

6. Just A Little Bit of You

7. You Are There

8. Dapper Dan

9. Dear Michael

10. I'll Come Home to You

 Our Next album will be "Farewell My Summer Love"! Have a blessed day.

You Are There

 From Motown's last official Michael Jackson record-Forever, Michael, he calms us down on a mediocre love song. Nothing real exiting. Just a filler.

- Michael Jackson Lyrics

Just A Little Bit of You

Just A Little Bit of You peaked at #23 The highest Michael Jackson has gotten since The Jackson Five's early days

 The forth single to come flying off of Forever, Michael. Reaching #23 on The Pop Singles Chart.

 When will Motown ever learn Bubblegum music was stomped out a few years back? Regardless, I think he did alright. But I bet Mr. Jackson wasn't too thrilled on covering old-fashioned love songs.

We've Got Forever

 Coming off Michael's 1975 album Forever, Michael, I may come as a little biased(since Disco and me don't mix). But I felt it was fair. Nothing off the heesy. It could be due to his disapproval on the tunes Motown was throwing on him.

- Michael Jackson Lyrics

Cinderella Stay Awhile

 Coming off as track #4 from Michael Jackson's album-Forever, Michael, we have "Cinderella Stay Awhile". You can still tell Motown hasn't given up on Michael's child image. I mean Cinderella? C,mon. But irrespectively, he did fairly well.

- Michael Jackson Lyrics

One Day In Your Life

Michael Jackson's One Day In Your Life became the 6th best-selling single of 1981 and his first #1 overall

 In 1981, Motown re-issued a U.K. single "One Day In Your Life" from the album Forever, Michael after the buzz of "Off The Wall. The single didn't far well back here in The States. However, Michael enjoyed his first #1 hit in the U.K(as a solo). Becoming the 6th best-selling single for the year 1981!

 And we can't forget how this gem shines fourth from his album. I have a good feeling that harmonica was what partly inspired Mr. Jackson to create Streetwalker. But then again, he mentioned to Teddy Riley that a black man with a harmonica is ignorant. He might've been referring to a common stereotype at the time(late 80's).

- Michael Jackson Lyrics

Take Me Back

Take a stroll down memory lane as you are takin' back to 1975. When Michael was only 16 and you were only in grade school.
The track comes from his 1974 album Forever, Michael.

- Michael Jackson Lyrics

We're Almost There

We're Almost There was Motown's last official single for Michael Jackson

 "We're Almost There topped out at #54 for Michael Jackson from his last official LP with them-Forever, Michael.

 We start the A-side off on some Soul. With a little Ballad mingled in there. At this point, Michael transcends his style to a more Disco/Soul mantra.

- Michael Jackson Lyrics

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

J5 "Papa Was A Rolling Stone"

 The original was sung and recorded by The Undisputed Truth(listen Here). It was later popularized by The Temptations and much later George Michael.

 In 1973, The Jackson Five recorded their own version which remains sealed in Motown's vaults to this day. Yet a few live editions do exist from Japan and The Jacksons Variety Show. Later Bill Wolf created his own version with Michael singing back-ups(listen Here).

Jackson 5 - Papa Was A Rolling Stone lyrics

It was the third of September
That day I'll always remember, yes I will
Cause that was the day my daddy died
I never got a chance to see him
Never heard nothin' but bad things about him
Mama, I'm depending on you to tell me the tuth
And Mama just hung her head and said, Son

Papa was a rolling stone
Wherever he laid his hat was his home
And when he died
All he left us was alone
Papa was a rolling stone
Wherever he laid his hat was his home
And when he died
All he left us was alone

Hey, Mama, is it true what they say
That Papa never worked a day in his life?
And Mama, some bad talk goin around town
Sayin that Papa had three outside children and another wife
And that ain't right
Heard some talk about Papa doing some storefront preaching
Talking about saving your souls
And all the time leeching
Dealing in debt and stealing in the name of the Lord
Mama just hung her head and said

Papa was a rolling stone
Wherever he laid his hat was his home
And when he died
All he left us was alone
Papa was a rolling stone
Wherever he laid his hat was his home
And when he died
All he left us was alone

Hey Mama I heard Papa called himself a jack of all trades
Tell me is that what sent Papa to an early grave?
Folks say Papa would beg, borrow or steal to pay his bills
Folks say Papa was never much on thinkin'
Spent most of his life chasin' women and drinkin'
Mama, I'm depending on you to tell me the truth
And Mama looked up with a tear in her eye and said, Son

Papa was a rolling stone
Wherever he laid his hat was his home
And when he died
All he left us was alone
Papa was a rolling stone
Wherever he laid his hat was his home
And when he died
All he left us was alone

Lyrics | Wolf lyrics - Papa Was A Rolling Stone lyrics

Music And Me Single

 The titled track and single to Michael Jackson's album Music And Me. How true are the words and the music. Ever since the tender age of five, Michael Jackson and music have always had a mutual connection with each other.
Very touching and nostalgic. Almost brought a tear to my eye.

- Michael Jackson Lyrics

Morning Glow

Another rare Michael Jackson single from his Music And Me album

 One of my favorite tracks from Music And Me. Michael basks in the beauty and splendor of the first gleams of dawn(known affectionately as "the break of dawn").

- Michael Jackson Lyrics


 Coming off the Motown LP-Music And Me, Michael wants to teach you a thing or two about euphoria! In a child-like fashion, he will spell it for you.

- Michael Jackson Lyrics

Johnny Raven

 From the album Music And Me a crackling adolescent mid-tempo Soul-"Johnny Raven". Michael Jackson thinks he's that man-A famous boxer back in the day. And a darn good one at that!
The tune itself is splendid and reveals Jackson's very first voice crackles.

- Michael Jackson Lyrics

Michael Jackson "Doggin' Around"

 Michael Jackson does a classic 50's Rockn' Roll rendition for his third solo album Music And Me.
Plates are turned on the other side. Michael reinterprets a tune from the 50's era-Jackie Wilson's "Doggin' Around" to be precise(listen Here). Quite possibly an inspiration for 1987's "Leave Me Alone".
How appropriate for Gordy to give this golden nugget to Little Michael!


You better stop
Your doggin' around
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
'Cause if you don't stop
I'm gonna have to put you down

I can't take it much longer
My heart's getting weak
It's not getting any stronger
You keep me so upset
My head's in a whirl
But if you wanna be, yeah
Be my girl

You better stop
Your doggin' around
You know what I'm talkin' about
Yeah, yeah, yeah
If you don't stop
I'm gonna have to put you down
Baby, yes I do, yes I do
Gonna, gonna put you down
You're doggin' me (repeat)
I'm gonna have to put you down

Yes you do, you're doggin' me (repeat)
You better stop
Your doggin' me around

Michael Jackson "Too Young"

The single to Michael Jackson Too Young is now a rare collectors idem

 From his album Music And Me, Michael Jackson delivers another timeless classic! "Too Young"-Originally sung by Nat King Cole(listen over Here) and again covered by numerous artists. I love Michael's buoyant voice and the chorus is splendid! I'd say both did a superb job!
I think Singers And Standards perfectly match Michael in his prepubescent years.

- Michael Jackson Lyrics

Michael Jackson-Happy

Michael Jackson's Happy single was only released in Australia

 Michael Jackson's single "Happy" was only promoted in Australia. All part of promoting his third solo album Music And Me. The song is a theme on the film "Lady Sings The Blues".

 His heart was definitely in this! I just love how Michael uses word-play(Happy is, Sad is) to convey a message.

- Michael Jackson Lyrics

MJ "All The Things You Are"

 From the album Music And Me, "All The Things You Are" was originally composed by Jerome Kern in 1939(listen over Here). Many artists(including Michael Jackson) carved their own versions to this antique Singers And Standards hit. Michael of course injects a little bit of Classical Soul.

- Michael Jackson Lyrics

Up Again

 A quaint Balled from off the album Music And Me. I wonder what Michael would be doing if he did his own thing(free from the constraints of Motown)? The results probably would be equivalent to what "Invincible" should have been like.

MJ Cover "With A Child's Heart"

With A Child's Heart is the only successful single off of Michael Jackson's third solo album Music And Me

 From the Motown record Music and Me comes a soliloquy rendition on which Michael Jackson surly captures the innocence, free-reign ecstasy found on "With A Child's Heart".

 Taken from Stevie Wonder's 1966 back-side to "Nothing's too Good For My Baby"(from his album "Uptight, Plain Outta Sight"). Given a choice between the two, I'd surly pick Michael's. However, I still give credit to Wonder as the first(listen to it right Here).

- Michael Jackson Lyrics

Michael Jackson's Father Passes Away at 89!

 On June 27th, 2018 Michael Jackson's dad passed on from a bout of cancer. Although he was very rough with his children and yes abused t...