Time For Another MJ 411!

Let's take a break and look at what is happening in Michael Jackson's world.

King Of Pop

Michael Jackson's King Of Pop is a fan selected official compilation album to celebrate his 50th birthday

 King of Pop-A fan composed greatest-hits compilation run by Sony reached the top 10 spot. Thanks in part to X-Factor! But not to be rehashed, here's the source.
-BBC News-King of Pop

 As of now, there are still national editions waiting to be launched! When all is said and done, an international compilation will climax[Update: all versions have been launched. Sadly they overlooked North America]!

To quench your curiosity, listen to a snippet of "Thriller Megamix".

Michael Jackson, What's In The Bag?

 Mr. Jackson gave a serendipitous visit to a souvenir shop bearing his identity! well, at least a signature album name. So what's in the bag?

A toy airplane(commemorating "Off The Wall".

A few skin care spa products.

 Made of metal, this model antique just might be for a sick child he's attending or for his own little ones. It might just be another way to compensate his lost childhood.
The skin products are probably to counteract the effects of his Vitiligo medication(to learn more about his skin condition Click Here).

Further sightings have been confirmed of him at a comic bookstore with his children.

Michael Jackson takes the kids to Barnes And Nobel in an L.A. suburb

 By the way, to learn more about that album, go to my "Off The Wall Review post.

Will Michael Tour?

 According to many sources, Michael Jackson is planning a mega comeback next year with a 30-concert world tour supporting his soon-to-be released album. It remains to be seen where exactly he will stop. Though Europe, Asia, and even the U.S. might be on his list. To read more, click here.

[Update-Well, it's official...This Is It!

[Update-Unfortunately, Michael has passed away on June 25th, 2009 at approximately 2:31 PM Pacific Standard Time(possibly earlier). R.I.P. Mr. Jackson...:(

Horror Hound and Thriller 25

Thriller 25 Picture Edition

 Just in time for Halloween! Sony has released a picture-disc for Thriller 25 due to hit stores on Oct. 6th! Plus as an added incentive, Michael is featured in front of the October Issue of Hound Magazine. Thriller style!

 Well, that's all she wrote for MJ 411. Join with me Monday as we'll be "Goin' Places" with "The Jackson's. Also find out if Michael really did sell Neverland right Here.

Our next post will be "Michael Jackson 411 News Update.

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