Monday, October 27, 2008

Goin' Places

The Jacksons second album Goin' Places didn't fare well on the charts. Which prompted them to move on to Epic

 We've just gone through their eponymous album-The Jacksons. Now we shall bring our attention to the boys second Philly-LP: "Goin' Places".

Goin' Places

 Whereas the last record had "Enjoy Yourself" to look forward to, "Goin' Places" will tell you The Jacksons are ready to be anchored! I swear, the eponymous track will have you tapping your foot to the rhythm! "Different Kind of Lady" immerses you into the watershed world of Disco fit for an android! "Heaven Knows I Love You, Girl" will sure send a tingle down your spin. The rest are more or less fillers.

 All in all, "Goin' Places", Different Kind of Lady", "Heaven Knows I Love You, Girl", and "Find Me A Girl" are the only numbers that stand out on this LP.

1. Music's Takin' Over

2. Goin' Places

3. Different Kind of Lady

4. Even Though You're Gone

5. Jump For Joy

6. Heaven Knows I Love You, Girl

7. Man Of War

8. Do What You Wanna

9. Find Me a Girl

 Come and join me next time as I take you through "Destiny"-Their first Epic Record.

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