"The Jacksons" Album

The Jacksons first album reached #6 on the R&B Album Charts

 The LP kicks off on an optimistic level. Despite a little fall-out on Motown. With CBS, The Jacksons experimented with Philly music-A subspecies of Soul with a little bit of Disco and R&B intertwined.

 Particularly evident, Michael Jackson's tenor-strung vocals have fully blossomed into adulthood-And would wind up almost getting patented by the time Thriller came around!

The Jacksons Album Review

 Other then the classic Disco vibe of "Enjoy Yourself"(an electrifying dance hit), Leon Huff and Kenneth Gamble lead the group on the verge of mediocrity. The tunes are alright. Though don't expect much more then a few Philly-Soul Ballads and Funkazoid innuendos.

 Again, if it wasn't for "Enjoy Yourself", the album would be nothing more then shooting a few darts in the dark. Clearly Philly-Soul does not work for them.

1. Enjoy Yourself

2. Think Happy

3. Good Times

4. Keep On Dancing

5. Blues Away

6. Show You The Way To Go

7. Living Together

8. Strength of One Man

9. Dreamer

10. Style of Life


 Well, that concludes our little chat with their eponymous album. Our next album will have us critiquing "Goin' Places". But not before another MJ 411 update!

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