Forever, Michael

This would be Michael Jackson's final album officially with Motown Records

 We will now evaluate Michael Jackson's forth and final solo LP from Motown. If your new here, I encourage you to go check out what we've already covered. Let's see, "Big Boy", "Diana Ross Presents The Jackson 5", "ABC", "The Third Album", "The Jackson 5 Christmas Album", "Maybe Tomorrow", "Lookin' Through The Windows", "Skywriter", "G.I.T. Get It Together", "Dancing Machine", "Moving Violation", "Got To Be There", "Ben", and last but not least "Music and Me". Now, let's turn our ears over to his last official Motown LP-"Forever, Michael".

Forever, Michael

 You can definably sense it. Michael Jackson's vocals are fully matured and ripe to start a new chapter in his life. Excluding "One Day In Your Life's" hearty medley and "Dapper Dan's" Funky Soul, there's not much more to offer then your average pop song. Yes, "We're Almost There" does lead you on a journey(as do "I'll Come Home To You"). But don't expect much more.

 So to make a long story short, "One Day In Your Life" does indeed save this record from the realm of the mediocre. So much so, Motown even made a compilation out of the title come 1981.

1. We're Almost There

2. Take Me Back

3. One Day In Your Life

4. Cinderella Stay Awhile

5. We've Got Forever

6. Just A Little Bit of You

7. You Are There

8. Dapper Dan

9. Dear Michael

10. I'll Come Home to You

 Our Next album will be "Farewell My Summer Love"! Have a blessed day.

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