Saturday, October 11, 2008

More Outtakes From Michael Jackson's Beginnings

 And now, here are some underground tracks from the J5 and/or Michael Jackson. Between 1971-75. For those of you who are new, read up on their outtakes spanning from 1966-70 on my prier posting "Outtakes From The Jackson 5 Era".

1)Papa Was A Rollin' Stone

2)A Fool For You

3)Ask The Lonely

4)We Can Have Fun

5)Guess Who's Making Whoopie With Your Girlfriend-A demo version to their #2 hit "Mama's Pearle" for the "Third Album". The lyrics were substantially changed due to efforts to keep the kids squeaky clean. Listen to the un-altered version Here.

6)You Ain't Giving Me What I Want(So I'm Taking It All Back)

7)Can't Get Ready For Losing You

8)Your The Only One
Jackie Jackson leads the other four on the outtake eventually chosen for his debut solo album. Listen to a sneak peek right here.

Your The Only One

9)Coming Home

10)Everybody Is A Star

11)I Hear A Symphony-It was little Michael who actually suggested they do a male counterpart to "I Hear A Symphony" By "The Supremes". Although it was rejected both for "The Jackson 5" and his solo career. Nevertheless, he gave it a shot. Motown eventually wound up using this gem as a filler on the Soulstation compilation.

12)I'm Glad It Rained


14)Just A Little Misunderstanding

15)Let's Have A Party

16)Love Scenes

17)Money Honey

18)25 Miles

And here is a series of unleaked material(some possibly performed live).

19)You Haven't Done Nothin'(A cover to Stevie Wonder's hit. Was scheduled to land on their next shelved album right after Moving Violation)

20)What's Your Life(A duet between Michael and Jermaine Jackson. An outtake of Forever Michael)

21)Killing Me Softly With His Song

22)Danny Boy(Song originally a Celtic nursery rhyme eventually evolved into an Anglo/Saxon tradition. By 1918, "Danny Boy" became an Irish anthem. By the time the British Invasion was established, numerous artists created their own covers-Including The Jackson Five. See them perform on my sister blog Post)

23)By The Time I Get To Phoenix(Formerly sung by Johnny Rivers in 1965. Glen Campbell made it famous later on. The Jackson 5 only performed it live. Watch it Here)


25)Would Ya Would Ya(Written by Freddie Perren and Christine Yarian)

ButtercupA cover to Stevie Wonder's hit and a title track to an unreleased J5 album. Originally scheduled to hit the market after "Moving Violation")

 Well, I hoped you've enjoyed our little chat as we journey through The Jackson Five Era-Michael Jackson's very beginnings. Next we'll look into his next chapter with "The Jacksons".

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