Monday, October 13, 2008

The Era of "The Jacksons"

 And now, we will enter into a new phase into Michael Jackson's career-Commonly known as The Jacksons Era. Mainly from 1976-78 but I'll throw in "Triumph" and "Victory" for you all.

The Jacksons Era

 The Jackson Five left Motown for CBS in 1976. Consequently forced to abandon the logo, Michael brought up the notion of simply referring to themselves as "The Jacksons". This went over well with their father and legendary producer Leon Huff. So much so, even their next LP was named after them. After a follow with "Goin' Places", an even greater bargain soon caught Joe's eye.

 Epic Records promised these boys even more control and free rein in their creativity. "Destiny", "Triumph", and "Victory" conceived as a result. Shooting them to the pinnacle of their career!

The Jacksons Variety Show

 CBS orchestrated a sit com-The Jacksons Variety Show. Based on all siblings except Jermaine(Who lagged behind with Hazel). Many guest appearances(including Sunny & Cher) seasoned the show with the aura of their presence.

The Wiz

 In 1978, Michael Jackson got an acting spot with Berry Gordy on a Funky rendition to "The Wizard of Oz". Simply entitled "The Wiz". Diana Ross played as Dorothy and Michael was the scarecrow.
This is where he first bumped into Legendary Producer Quincy Jones.

The Jackson's Archives

The Jacksons Variety Show

The Wiz

The Jacksons Album

Goin' Places






 Our first stop will take us to The Jacksons Variety Show...Stay tuned!

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