Friday, October 17, 2008

The Jacksons Variety Show

CBS signed The Jackson Family to do a variety show for two seasons starting in 1976

 To compete with other 70's sitcoms("The Osman's", "The Brady Bunch", etc.), CBS hosted a brand new line-up of the Jackson family. Simply called "The Jacksons Variety Show". Becoming the very first sitcom solely run by African Americans(and sibling on top of that).

 Though Michael(now 18) was against the idea, the program still managed to spin-off their new image as "The Jacksons". Most prominently "Enjoy Yourself".

 The show only lasted for two seasons long but received special guest appearances like Sonny Bono, David Letterman, and Muhammad Ali among many others.

 For the first time, Janet, Latoya, and Rebbie would get a taste of showbiz. Even vouching to sign-up as a singing trio afterwords. However, irreconcilable differences forced them in pursuing other ventures. As for Jermaine, a solo career with Motown was in the works.
Here are a few clips from the show...


 Next, Michael Jackson receives an irresistible offer from Mr. Gordy To act in his own remaking of "The Wizard of Oz"A Funkalicious reinterpretation simply known as "The Wiz". You won't want to miss it!

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