One Day In Your Life

Michael Jackson's One Day In Your Life became the 6th best-selling single of 1981 and his first #1 overall

 In 1981, Motown re-issued a U.K. single "One Day In Your Life" from the album Forever, Michael after the buzz of "Off The Wall. The single didn't far well back here in The States. However, Michael enjoyed his first #1 hit in the U.K(as a solo). Becoming the 6th best-selling single for the year 1981!

 And we can't forget how this gem shines fourth from his album. I have a good feeling that harmonica was what partly inspired Mr. Jackson to create Streetwalker. But then again, he mentioned to Teddy Riley that a black man with a harmonica is ignorant. He might've been referring to a common stereotype at the time(late 80's).

- Michael Jackson Lyrics

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