Sunday, October 05, 2008

Motown Want's A Piece of The Thriller Pie

Farewell My Summer Love is an outtake solo album meant to be released 1975

 Thriller transformed Michael Jackson into an 80's equivalent to Elvis Presley!A brand new throne had been carved-out for him-That of The King of Pop!

 To cash in on the crop, Motown strategically threw together a handful of outtakes. Songs originally planned to compile an album shelved during "The Jackson Five's" transition to CBS. Motown further promoted "Farewell My Summer Love" with a 45 by the same name along with a few B-Sides, "Girl Your So Together" and "Touch The One You Love". Berry was determined to grab a second helping from Mr. Jackson's success(not ill-willed). Before selling the label come 1987.

Farewell My Summer Love

 The record starts on a spree of three catchy sing-a-longs(one being that oft' overused cover "You Really Got A Hold On Me"). But then the record slumps back into slightly above average pop songs. Although "Farewell My Summer Love" and "To Make My Father Proud(originally by Franky Valli) are quite edible.

 So to wrap things up, the first 3-4 tracks most likely will engage your ears. Especially the first two. The A-side alone makes this worth your buck! The B-Side is king of a drag.

1. Don't Let It Get You Down

2. You Really Got A Hold On Me

3. Melodie

4. Touch The One You Love

5. Girl You're So Together

6. Farewell My Summer Love

7. Call On Me

8. Here I Am(Come and Take Me)

9. To Make My Father Proud

 Next, we'll investigate lost recordings from The Jackson 5 vault. Stay Tuned.

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