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If you really want to know about Michael Jackson's personally, this goes straight to the heart. That night after Christmas of '93, as things were looking dire, his hand becomes that of a poet.

 As a slow Ballad lullaby, "Childhood" has more of a feel-good tempo interwoven within beautiful strings and keyboards. A very reflective number with a hint of Baroque Classical music in the mix.

 As a child, Michael was verbally and even physically abused. Plus there was no time to horse around(as children do). Ever since the age of five, touring and rehearsing was about the only thing he knew. Naturally, this can get to your head.

"People say
I'm not O.K.
Cause I love
Such elementary things

It's been my fate
To compensate
For that childhood
I've never known

Have you seen my childhood."

 I hope you understand he's not wacko. Just another human being searching for meaning. Something we all do constantly. Especially late at night. When our hearts ar…

You Are Not Alone

Now we come to the albums only love song. Not a mere lovers scene but as Michael Jackson the husband.

 Indeed more speculations shrouded both of them as they were half naked. But no private parts were remotely exposed. Guess they weren't used to Michael Jackson without trousers.:)

 I hope Michael doesn't overly lean on good old controversy, he's got plenty of talent to compensate and then some(wink).

 Anyways, back on topic. To date, "You Are Not Alone" is the only single to have ever reached #1 on the Billboard Top 100 Charts! Surpassing his previous #5 achievement for "Scream/Childhood". To pull those stunts after what he's gone through in my book is a true genius!

 And it's no wonder! The Gospel Love Ballad is easy to remember. Add to that a Soulful resolution very reminiscent of Motown's golden years!

1. Radio Edit
2. Classic Club Edit
3. Frankie Knuckles-Classic Club Mix
4. Frankie Knuckles-Franctified Club Mix
5. Knuckluv Dub Version

Michael Jackson Tabloids

Rumor #1 Jackson went back under the knife with sticky posts on his mouth. No:(...

 Michael played with "Blanket" and like most families, accidents do happen. In this case Michael Jr. whacked his father on the jaw, bruising his upper lip...And no his lip did not burst or fall off.

Rumor #2 Michael will perform at the super bowl...O.K. This is self-explanatory.:)

Apparently, Akon announced over an interview of a Michael Jackson Pepsi promo. Many took that(Including me:)) as an MJ appearance. Now Akon did hype a bit about the commercial. Which turned out only to feature Naomi Campbell dancing with a bunch of lizards Thrillicious.

Rumor #3 Michael demanded an award. Grammy officials considered but then said "Beat It"!-That's ludicrous! They tried to go along the same lines with BET and American Idol. All of it is false.
In reality, Mike was not feeling well and asked to be excused from The Grammys.

Rumor #4 The Gloved One to collaborate with Usher on his upcoming n…

Come Together

How appropriate to add this Beatle gem for the way the album was going. Originally John Lennon wrote it as a satirical play on Ronald Reagan's gubernatorial opponent-Timothy Leary. Who was guilty on possession of marijuana.

 So what's this got to do with Mike. Well as Leary was, his accuser was shot-up with pride(Danny Chandler 1993). The boys father destroyed Michael's career all because he wanted to get his kick-started.

 But in actuality, Michael executed this cover during the mid to late 80's. "Come Together" was just one of many Beatle covers he was working on. Possibly for another album separate and apart from The Bad Sessions. But the project was halted(for unknown reasons). Yet "Come Together"(his favorite Beatle tune) managed to be considered for his then upcoming album. But was rejected in favor of a concert during Moonwalker's resolution.

 "Come Together" has been the most parodied song of all time. So it's no surprise…

The Michael Jackson 411

I just wanted to take a moment and give you the Jackson 411.

On Caged Matches
 Last Saturday MGM Studio was treated with a unique spectator-Michael Jackson! Well, I see he got a new hobby.:) Glad the guy had somethin' to do this Memorial Day Weekend.
Not wanting to draw attention to himself, he wore a disguise on a wheelchair.

New Single?
Whats more! According to Los Vegas Magazine, Michael's supposed to release an all-new single in mid-June(not to be confused with U.K.'s "Wanna Be Startin' Somethin' 2008" release)! Wouldn't doubt if the date gets postponed. But I'll keep you posted.:) The tidbit can be found Here. Ya might have to search real hard(wink).

*Update* I was right. It won't premier until August or September. He will also be featured on Akon's late July release "Hold My Hand.

**Update**It looks like that won't be happening either. I guess we'll have to wait till sometime in 2009.:(

Michael At the King of Fashions Birthday …


Before you throw this off as some attempt to be Caucasian, take a closer look. I felt the same way when this first reached my ears.

 Over on an MJ message board(I believe it was Maximum Jackson), I inquired. Asking why he would write such outlandish lyrics idolizing money like some hard-core Heavy Medal artists do today? He(or she) assured me Mike was only satirizing the love of money. How people would sacrifice their souls for the almighty dollar. And how true with what he's been through.

 The love of money(an excessive unhealthy yearning for) is truly the root of all evil. Decency, integrity, and loyalty are sacrificed on the alter of Mammon. Ethics are exchanged for a temporary notation. My God was right. Greed will lead you to do things you'd never thought possible(1 Timothy 6:10).

 So no. Michael had no intentions in deifying the buck. Only exposing the whole corrupt system(the media and the record industry).:)

 Originally, Sony wanted to release "Money" as a sin…


What New Jack Swing is to Dangerous, Protesting became a theme for History. Those allegations sure affected his views. Many that are who believe Michael lost his inspiration. Which I agree(to an extent) but not fully. Michael Jackson still had Most of his mojo! "Earth Song", "Little Suzie" "Smile" and "History" all attest to his hardy genius.

*nbsp;His amazing ab-libs in conjunction with a crisp Hard-Rock high-strung emotional jam make "D.S." a traditional achievement. Something only Michael Jackson would ever come up with.

 The teaser(album commercial) in my humble opinion was way too grandiose(even for Michael Jackson). I thought the opening scene for each History concert during the album tour could have easily replaced that.

 Here D.S. stands for Dom Shelden. A fictitious allusion to a Santa Barbra County District Attorney. Otherwise known as Thomas Snedden(it was used on purpose to avoid a lawsuit). Personally I don't know the…

Earth Song

A one of a kind orchestral masterpiece. A catchy humanitarian opus injected with a dash of Opera, Gospel, and Blues. Michael Jackson informs us on the state of the world and begs us once again to make a difference.

 Mr. Jackson goes green in an attempt to call on us to preserve God's gift to humankind-Planet Earth. The need to stop the Bosnian war was an additional cause that needed attention. Many innocent victims(including children) starved to death(due to the politics of distribution).

 Poachers(a.k.a. those who kill game for fun) along with needless deforestation and pollution motivated Michael in setting aside a branch within his "Heal the World Foundation" to campaign for a cleaner Earth. Can you remember this line?.."call 1-800 Heal the World-123":)

 "Earth Song(formally "What About Us") went on to achieve a number one position in both Germany and Britain. As a matter of fact, it even surpassed U2's "Progression" and The Beat…

This Time Around

After a moments reflection, paranoia once again takes the stand. We can also feel sarcasm at the boys(Jordan Chandler's) father who failed to destroy his image(though leaving a big scar). To learn more, visit my other post "False Allegations Against the King of POP".

 Jackson proves once again to be relevant on a crisp hard-core jam. With eerie special effects adding to the illusion of paranoia. If his duet with Rockwell isn't a clue, "This Time Around" goes ahead and blatantly affirms someone's out to get Michael Jackson(if only he didn't use profanity to convey it).

 The Notorious B.I.G. is invited to feature a haunting Rap segment. Even claiming to be surveyed and wire-tapped. Possibly alluding to Tom Snedden.

 Upon arriving in Texas, Christopher Wallas(a.k.a. Mr. Biggie) receives a message from Michael Jackson. In a fit of hysteria, Biggie couldn't contain himself. Yet when he came to his senses, Wallas realized it was the King of Pop a…

Stranger in Moscow

After hearing Michael's blistering protests, we come to a more calmer sadistic Balled. Whom Bruce Sweden refers as the "best song he had ever put together". The blending of the guitars along with the ethereal minor-key tapestry gives a very vivid perception of "a swift and sudden fall from grace". A well-rounded feeling Michael Jackson has got the Blues.

 Imagine one night the whole world in awe of your achievements. Then the next night, they call you a pervert who deserves to rot in hell! That's exactly what happened one night in August 1993!

 Suddenly his pride was snatched away. No longer did people at large consider him on top of the world. Armageddon had set up quadrants in Michael's brain. Depression had nearly sapped him clean.


 Many are baffled on his choice of words. "Kremlin"s shadow belittlein' me." Stalin's tomb won't let me be." and "KGB was doggin' me." "Take my name a…

They Don't Care About Us

On with the protest theme, we come to a situation of prejudice. Michael's say on the abuse of power and authority. Especially on minorities.

 Just listening to this Classical Hip-Hop/Reggae percussion eerily reminds me of John Lennon's "Give Peace A Chance"(yes, it appears he was the first Rapper). From the organic wooden-clattering clappers to the digitally enforced mellow-dramatic police scanner, Michael certainly makes you feel for those abused convicts(of course, never endorsing what they've done).

 Yet plenty of controversy surrounded his use of derogatory lyrics. Many thought "Jew me" and "Kike me" to be anti-Semitic slurs. But on the contrary, they were borrowed to express his disgust of discrimination and Social Darwinism.

 "My intention was for this song to say 'no' to racism, anti-Antisemitism and stereotyping."-Michael Jackson

 Eventually Michael recalled the album and personally mixed those words out at his …


As I promised, today will be day one of our review on the "History Album...Which brings us to a smash hit single "Scream! With Childhood on the B-Side.

 Michael & Janet share their joys and frustrations together as brother and sister. Apparently, things still weren't ideal with their father. Add to the chaos the medias manipulatory tactics and you've got one heck of a frustrated fella! The deaf-defying base vibrations clearly symbolized the rage within. Michael's vocals sound very adamant and deliberate-Almost throat-parching. Although clearly not the case, the sirens and heavy machinery are reminiscent of a mid-90's urban street full of delinquents and rebels-Hyperactively dancing the fury away!

 Janet's producers Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis were hired as the executive producers. As a consequence, "Scream" went to uncharted territories. Making it the first to hit #5 for the Billboard Hot 100! I wonder where he keeps all his trophy's!


History Era Part 2

Wasn't flattered at all by the albums teaser. Thought it too grandiose. Instead of dancing for the masses, he's got 50 foot statues of himself terrorizing the whole European Continent(not to mention an idol cast in his image)! I Wish they hadn't pushed him to pull this kind of stunt(just doesn't seem like the Michael I know).

 But I believe it was all part of a plan. After all, didn't he mention this on an interview once? "If you thought Dangerous was controversial, just wait till you see this one!"

History Album Critique
 The album first takes on a stroll down memory lane with such hits from "The Dream Team" as "Rock With You", "Billie Jean", "Bad", and "The Way You Make Me Feel". Let's not forget about how Teddy Riley aided Michael in producing "Black Or White" and "Remember The Time". The journey ends on a philanthropic note to "Heal The World".

 Now this is where things g…

Michael Jackson's History Era Pt. 1

Here are some tidbits on Michael Jackson's "History era" happenings...

.May 26th, 1994 Michael Jackson Marries the king's daughter Lisa Marie Presley. The Marriage of the Century had just occurred. These two have been seen dating since February. Attending The Temptations reunion concert on one occasion.

.Many viewed the marriage as a means to prove he's not perverted. On the contrary, Lisa admitted frankly on an interview "We really had something goin'".

.They both agreed to do an interview together as a couple on Primetime Television.

Uploaded by babychick53

.It was feeding time at the zoo. Michael opened the music awards as prince charming. Sweeping Lisa off her feet with the "Kiss of the Century"!

.Both had aspirations together. "I am very much in love with Michael. I dedicate my life to being his wife. I understand and support him. We both look forward raising a family and living happy, healthy lives together.&quo…

Other Dangerous Era Happenings

The Michael Jackson 411 Dangerous Era...

1. February 10th, 1993 another record is broken when "Michael Talks To Oprah". The highest rating interview of all time! 100,000,000 viewers! Revealing his love life with Brook Shields and some mysterious 80's chick(I Believe from "The Way You Make Me Feel" or Ola Ray from "Thriller"). Folks started to understand and appreciate the guy. But of course right before the allegations rear their ugly faces. Go Here to watch the full interview.

2. Michael hires Sigfried & Roy to produce some magic tricks throughout the Dangerous tour with David Copperfield. Michael sang and produced "Mind Is The Magic". Appreciating the hard work they put in. The Toaster Effect and Rocket Man are to their credit.

3. June 18th saw the release of Jackson's "Dancing the Dream" indirectly promoted by his sister Janet on the 35th Grammy awards(see Dangerous-The Short Films to watch the show.

4. Merging his catalog…

Michael Jackson Dangerous Tour

Summer has arrived and Michael just launched his world wide tour. Thrilling fans from all backgrounds. Each concert rang in the Panther Dance. The censored last 4 minutes of "Black or White". Even closing as an astronaut taking off!

 Yes Mike had his ups and downs(e.g. Bucharest). Mentioning poor health as the reason the last leg was cut short.

 With complications with prescription painkillers and the added stress of facing possible jail-time, Michael called it quits after Mexico City. Plans for Australia and the U.S. were halted.

 In 1993, MTV did a six part series on the tour entitled "The Dangerous Diaries". Watch the hour long footage below...

Find out other fascinating tidbits of the Dangerous Era.

Michael Jackson Dangerous Commercials

At the pinnacle of his career, Jackson received numerous invitations to appear on various commercials. However, due to a hectic tour schedule, he turned many offers down.

 Michael announced all his proceeds of the Dangerous Tour will go to "Heal the World Foundation" among other charities he helped establish. In fact, Pepsi canceled it's Black or White promo when he was suspect of child molestation. 15 years is what it took for them to believe otherwise(see Thrillericious. Here's a Pepsi commercial spoofed as Black Or White below...

 "Dreams" is more of a short film then a commercial. The girl from "The Way You Make Me Feel" did her last shot for Michael. She's the one tantalizing him in his dreams.


 If you could recall the shear optimism of 1991, you'll remember this teaser. Could this be why some armed bandits extorted 30,000 copies of the disc? Click Here to watch the teaser.

...And There you have it folks. Our next ti…

Michael Jackson and The Simpsons

The year was 1991. Many there were who anticipated a new album. Rumors spread high and low about it's release(much like today). Like Thriller 25, he pulled a pre-marketing stunt.

 Michael Jackson contributed 2 hits for The Simpson's. One featured on the episode "Stark Raving Dad". But due to Sony's stringent terms & conditions, Michael was not allowed to sing.

 So an impersonator named Chris Kipp Lennon contributed vocals while Emjay did the talking.

To hear the original version go to Lisa It's Your Birthday(Demo).

 He also wrote and lent backups on "Do the Bartman" for the same soundtrack. With Bart performing the rap-Old School Flow.

 This sure left a lot of people hungry for more Michael Jackson Music. Especially by the new teasers floating around which will discuss on our next post.

Next, commercial ads during The Dangerous Era.

Michael Jackson Superbowl of '93

On January 31st, 1993, well over 1 billion viewers in over 70 countries tuned in to watch the Superbowl Halftime. This point on Michael became the most popular person ever to have walked the Earth(with the exception of Jesus). This show would go down in history as the greatest halftime show ever!

 This is when he first established the "Heal the World Foundation". To aid disadvantaged children and help them get the love and attention they needed. Alongside it he founded the "Make A Wish Foundation". Folks at the point of no return got whatever they wished for. Before saying goodbye.

 But not everyone has a heart. A father seizes a golden opportunity and accuses Michael of fondling his 12-year-old boy. tarnishing his image unto the ground. In pursuit of that All Mighty Dollar!

 Consequently, many of the foundations that He helped established turned their backs on him. No longer was he on top of the world. But neither was Mr. Jackson a has-been or a where-are-they-now…