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Childhood became the main theme song for Free Willie 2-The Adventure Home

 If you really want to know about Michael Jackson's personally, this goes straight to the heart. That night after Christmas of '93, as things were looking dire, his hand becomes that of a poet.

 As a slow Ballad lullaby, "Childhood" has more of a feel-good tempo interwoven within beautiful strings and keyboards. A very reflective number with a hint of Baroque Classical music in the mix.

 As a child, Michael was verbally and even physically abused. Plus there was no time to horse around(as children do). Ever since the age of five, touring and rehearsing was about the only thing he knew. Naturally, this can get to your head.

"People say
I'm not O.K.
Cause I love
Such elementary things

It's been my fate
To compensate
For that childhood
I've never known

Have you seen my childhood."

 I hope you understand he's not wacko. Just another human being searching for meaning. Something we all do constantly. Especially late at night. When our hearts aren't edited. All humans have had arrows pierced into their souls. Of both sorrows and joys. And Michael's not any different.

"Before you judge me
Try hard to love me
The painful youth
I've had....."


"But within your heart
Then ask.....

Have you seen my childhood."

 After the success of Will You Be There, "Childhood" became the main theme song for "Free Willy 2-Adventure Back Home!

Childhood-The Short Film

 Michael is sitting on top of a tree stomp in the forest, contemplating about his lost childhood. We are given a sneak preview into his imagination as he share with us the joys and lost wonders of childhood! From sailing ships that mimic Peter Pan to Pirates on an adventure, Mr. Jackson invites us to partake of the joys of being childlike.

Song lyrics | Childhood lyrics

Watch The Making of Childhood.

Watch the story board version Here.

Listen to the Instrumental version Here.

Click Here for the acappella version.

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