Thursday, May 29, 2008

Come Together

 How appropriate to add this Beatle gem for the way the album was going. Originally John Lennon wrote it as a satirical play on Ronald Reagan's gubernatorial opponent-Timothy Leary. Who was guilty on possession of marijuana.

 So what's this got to do with Mike. Well as Leary was, his accuser was shot-up with pride(Danny Chandler 1993). The boys father destroyed Michael's career all because he wanted to get his kick-started.

 But in actuality, Michael executed this cover during the mid to late 80's. "Come Together" was just one of many Beatle covers he was working on. Possibly for another album separate and apart from The Bad Sessions. But the project was halted(for unknown reasons). Yet "Come Together"(his favorite Beatle tune) managed to be considered for his then upcoming album. But was rejected in favor of a concert during Moonwalker's resolution.

 "Come Together" has been the most parodied song of all time. So it's no surprise Jackson grabbed a piece of the pie. I'd say The Beatles did a fantastic job. So why bother being reminiscent? However, Michael's Hard Rock Funky interpretation does justice to the original! He brought the song to a whole new generation 20 years later!

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