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The Michael Jackson 411

I just wanted to take a moment and give you the Jackson 411.

On Caged Matches

 Last Saturday MGM Studio was treated with a unique spectator-Michael Jackson! Well, I see he got a new hobby.:) Glad the guy had somethin' to do this Memorial Day Weekend.
Not wanting to draw attention to himself, he wore a disguise on a wheelchair.

New Single?

Whats more! According to Los Vegas Magazine, Michael's supposed to release an all-new single in mid-June(not to be confused with U.K.'s "Wanna Be Startin' Somethin' 2008" release)! Wouldn't doubt if the date gets postponed. But I'll keep you posted.:) The tidbit can be found Here. Ya might have to search real hard(wink).

*Update* I was right. It won't premier until August or September. He will also be featured on Akon's late July release "Hold My Hand.

**Update**It looks like that won't be happening either. I guess we'll have to wait till sometime in 2009.:(

Michael At the King of Fashions Birthday Party

 One day prier, the Gloved One blitzed his way to a surprise appearance on Christian's birthday bash. Arguably nicknamed the King of Fashion. Compared to the turn of the millennium, MJ's lookin' good! Despite not performing, the crowd went wild! And they weren't even his fans!

Emjay Spotted At A Movie Theater
Way in the back where only the sacred enter. Michael was seen with kids boarding an SUV. He treated the kids out to a new episode of The Chronicles of Narnia. The theater is all part of The Palms Hotel somewhere amoung the Los Vegas strips.:)

Thriller Gets Added Unto the Library of Congress
Just recently Thriller received the honors to entering the holy of holies. Here's what is said about it..."Michael Jackson's second album with legendary producer Quincy Jones attained stratospheric national and international success. Featuring outstanding performances by Paul McCartney on 'The Girl is Mine' and a metallic Eddie Van Halen guitar lead for 'Beat It,' the album’s influence on the record industry and subsequent popular music is immeasurable. The album also includes the strong post-disco-inflected 'Billie Jean' and the compelling title track 'Thriller', featuring an eerie voice-over by Vincent Price. Jackson’s keen pop sensibilities, performances by a wide range of talented musicians and Quincy Jones' expert production all contributed to making 'Thriller' the best-selling album of all time."

Ne-Yo May be featured on one of Michael's Tracks

 R&B/Soul artist Ne-Yo recently let the cat out of the bag. Both are collaborating on a couple of tracks. One of them just may make the cut for Michael's much anticipated upcoming album. Same story with Akon, Wil.I.Am, and producer Redone. Still no word on a launch date apart from maybe a release sometime during the Fall or in 2009(some even estimate March 2010). Trust me. When he's ready, look out world!:)

Possible 02/Vegas Concerts In The Making

 Michael is currently in talks about throwing off concerts in Los Vegas and the O2 Arena at London England. Nothings been confirmed yet. But I'll let you know what happens.

*Update*-March 6th, 2009 Michael Jackson announces 10 dates for London! More of the developing story Here!

Two Michael Jackson books To Be Released

 Yes. You've heard me right. June 23ed Jackson himself will release a Thriller 25 autobiography going into detail about those Thriller Album Sessions.

 Book #2 is a work of Bruce Swedien all about collaborating with the King of Pop. It's name?.."In the Studio With Michael Jackson". No word on a release date as of yet[*Update*-July 27th 2009].

Kids Spotted a Second Time Without Masks

 All three of his children were shown without masks again. This time in a book store. Michael was said to be in the music section nearby. They look like pretty normal(and cute) children to me.


...And that about wraps things up for the MJJ 411 scoop. Next I'll try to straiten the rumors and debunk the tabloids.:) Bye bye for now[New post up: Michael Jackson Tabloids].

Now back to our scheduled series-Come Together(Beatle Cover).

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