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Michael Jackson Tabloids

Rumor #1 Jackson went back under the knife with sticky posts on his mouth. No:(...

 Michael played with "Blanket" and like most families, accidents do happen. In this case Michael Jr. whacked his father on the jaw, bruising his upper lip...And no his lip did not burst or fall off.

Rumor #2 Michael will perform at the super bowl...O.K. This is self-explanatory.:)

Apparently, Akon announced over an interview of a Michael Jackson Pepsi promo. Many took that(Including me:)) as an MJ appearance. Now Akon did hype a bit about the commercial. Which turned out only to feature Naomi Campbell dancing with a bunch of lizards Thrillicious.

Rumor #3 Michael demanded an award. Grammy officials considered but then said "Beat It"!-That's ludicrous! They tried to go along the same lines with BET and American Idol. All of it is false.
In reality, Mike was not feeling well and asked to be excused from The Grammys.

Rumor #4 The Gloved One to collaborate with Usher on his upcoming new album...Nope. Sorry...:)

Rumor #5 Neverland Ranch went on foreclosure. Not true...

#1 His Past financial manager has screwed things up. Leaving him to do all the dirty work.

#2 In real estate, there's a thing called assets. Rich people invest in them to make more dough in the long run. Putting your property on mortgage to invest on something bigger(i.e. record companies, catalogs, etc.) can leave you reclaiming your house back...And then some!!! But only if you know what your doing.

Right now(as you all can tell) the economy and housing market has hit rock bottom. Everyone from Bill Gates to the Joneses next door have been affected...And Michael Jackson is no different. I wish the media would just lay off the guy. He knows what he's doin'.(wink)

His siblings are doing just fine...And the story of Janet buying her parents a new home?..Let's not even go there.:)

Rumor #6 When the judge gave the verdict "not guilty", folks mysteriously reported witnessing strange phenomena like toast flaring out of toasters with Michael's face encarved within....This guy really has an imagination. I'm impressed!

Rumor #7 The real Michael Jackson died 17 years ago. A white man took his place!..Saw this one comin' sooner or later. Trust me. Every police agency known to man would be after him if this had any credibility.

Rumor #8 Michael Jackson endorses Ron Paul. Oh! Would I have been eternally grateful if that only were true. In reality though, The Spoof is where it originated.

Rumor #9 Michael will sell half of his stake of the ATV/Sony Catalog... Nada:) He still owns 50% of the Sony/ATV Catalog.

Rumor #10 Michael dumps Paul McCartney...Although I agree they should of done another collaboration for Thriller 25(instead of Wil.I.Am, all original tracks(including the McCartney feat) are preserved within the catalog album. In their purest form. By the way, both Paul and Yoko supported him during the trials.

Rumor #11 Jackson disappoints... No signs of booing at Christian's Bash. The Michael Jackson 411 has some footage of the party...And no. He did not(nor intended to)visit Nelson at his birthday bash.

Rumor #12 Incapable of Vegas Comeback! Appears this guys jealous he won't get a piece of the action.

Rumor #13 Moving to Trump Tower...Still at the Palms to date.

Jeffry Daniels was the creator of the moonwalk...Although he performed the move a year earlier. Jeffrey also picked it up off the streets. In fact, both him and Mike learned the move independent from each other. Over time Jackson brought it to the next level and mainstreamed it. Michael invited Daniels on the set of "Smooth Criminal".

 James Brown, Ben Baily, and even Chaplin from the 1930's are believed to perform precursors of the worlds most famous dance move. Originally a turn-over slide illusion, Michael took the term and applied it under an umbrella of sliding dance-steps. The most notable originally coined "The Backslide".

Other then suing The Pirates that's pretty much all of it. Stay tuned for "You Are Not Alone.

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