Other Dangerous Era Happenings

The Michael Jackson 411 Dangerous Era...

1. February 10th, 1993 another record is broken when "Michael Talks To Oprah". The highest rating interview of all time! 100,000,000 viewers! Revealing his love life with Brook Shields and some mysterious 80's chick(I Believe from "The Way You Make Me Feel" or Ola Ray from "Thriller"). Folks started to understand and appreciate the guy. But of course right before the allegations rear their ugly faces. Go Here to watch the full interview.

2. Michael hires Sigfried & Roy to produce some magic tricks throughout the Dangerous tour with David Copperfield. Michael sang and produced "Mind Is The Magic". Appreciating the hard work they put in. The Toaster Effect and Rocket Man are to their credit.

3. June 18th saw the release of Jackson's "Dancing the Dream" indirectly promoted by his sister Janet on the 35th Grammy awards(see Dangerous-The Short Films to watch the show.

4. Merging his catalog with Sony 50/50 is considered the biggest deal ever struck in music history. Earning him at least $200 million. 100 of which was upfront. The rest between a span of a few years!

6. On August 24th Michael was accused of fondling a child by a money-hungry father! But was forced by his insurance company to pay an undisclosed amount of money to the family. After brutally attacking his reputation, the media did little(if anything) to repair it. The child himself was on Michael's side. His Father forced him(against his will) into testifying otherwise. More below...

7. On his 35th birthday Michael planned a huge Neverland bash. Whoever won the contest received a V.I.P pass and have dinner at Neverland and stay overnight with the King of Pop!

...And that concludes my review of The Dangerous Era. I hope you've enjoyed it as much as I have. Our next stop takes us over to the History Era! Stay tuned...

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