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History Era Part 2

Michael Jackson History-The best selling multi-disc album of all time

 Wasn't flattered at all by the albums teaser. Thought it too grandiose. Instead of dancing for the masses, he's got 50 foot statues of himself terrorizing the whole European Continent(not to mention an idol cast in his image)! I Wish they hadn't pushed him to pull this kind of stunt(just doesn't seem like the Michael I know).

 But I believe it was all part of a plan. After all, didn't he mention this on an interview once? "If you thought Dangerous was controversial, just wait till you see this one!"

History Album Critique

 The album first takes on a stroll down memory lane with such hits from "The Dream Team" as "Rock With You", "Billie Jean", "Bad", and "The Way You Make Me Feel". Let's not forget about how Teddy Riley aided Michael in producing "Black Or White" and "Remember The Time". The journey ends on a philanthropic note to "Heal The World".

 Now this is where things get interesting. Disc 2 starts out on a venomous outrage. And goes on a multi-genre spin with about 5 producers all lined up. Weather he's in a spaceship(with his sister) on "Scream", a prison cell chanting "They Don't Care About Us", a tabloid stand preaching to "Tabloid Junkies", getting lonely as a "Stranger In Moscow", or even frolicking about in a Greek temple(whispering in Lisa Marie's ear "You Are Not Alone"), these 14 tracks have got something for just about everyone. Even for the Disneysque and Classical lovers among us!

 One thing I find irritating was the few swears. But unlike many Rappers of that day, it was kept to a bare minimum. From hard-core protests to gentle mindscaping Ballads-A synchronization of Hard Rock and Hip Hop, History Continues is all about cutting-edge controversy and mind-aching nuances that grow on you until you can't get enough of him!

#1 Scream

#2 They Don't Care About Us

#3 Stranger In Moscow

#4 This Time Around

#5 Earth Song

#6 D.S.

#7 Money

#8 Come Together

#9 You Are Not Alone

#10 Childhood

#11 Tabloid Junkie

#12 2 Bad

#13 History

#14 Little Susie

#15 Smile

"History" Outtakes

History Tour

Michael Jackson and Friends

More History Tidbits

.Controversy followed when Emjay performed on the BRITS Awards. Jarvis Cocker was drunk that night and for who knows why deemed the "Earth Song" skit as idol worship. Marching onstage, he sticks his rear-end towards Jackson then fights with security guards while harming children in the process. Later on he apologizes and reveals why he did it.

.June 20th, 1995 was the albums launch date. Selling just about 20 million copies, "History became the best-selling double-platinum of all time. Plus, he broke two additional records!

.First with "Scream". Afterwords the unspeakable occurred! "You Are Not Alone" became the highest Billboard 200 single of all time(#1)! No single has come close ever since! Two years later another record is broken!

."Blood On the Dance Floor" becomes the best-selling remix album of all time! Just amazing how he does it! He even broke world touring and concert records. Hawaii being one of them(filling the stadium for two consecutive days). Find out more on The "History" Tour as well as Other "History" Happenings.

Next, we look at "Scream"!

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4. Prince Elbert was a World War 1 Veteran.

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