Michael Jackson and The Simpsons

 The year was 1991. Many there were who anticipated a new album. Rumors spread high and low about it's release(much like today). Like Thriller 25, he pulled a pre-marketing stunt.

 Michael Jackson contributed 2 hits for The Simpson's. One featured on the episode "Stark Raving Dad". But due to Sony's stringent terms & conditions, Michael was not allowed to sing.

 So an impersonator named Chris Kipp Lennon contributed vocals while Emjay did the talking.

To hear the original version go to Lisa It's Your Birthday(Demo).

 He also wrote and lent backups on "Do the Bartman" for the same soundtrack. With Bart performing the rap-Old School Flow.

 This sure left a lot of people hungry for more Michael Jackson Music. Especially by the new teasers floating around which will discuss on our next post.

Next, commercial ads during The Dangerous Era.

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