Michael Jackson Superbowl of '93

 On January 31st, 1993, well over 1 billion viewers in over 70 countries tuned in to watch the Superbowl Halftime. This point on Michael became the most popular person ever to have walked the Earth(with the exception of Jesus). This show would go down in history as the greatest halftime show ever!

 This is when he first established the "Heal the World Foundation". To aid disadvantaged children and help them get the love and attention they needed. Alongside it he founded the "Make A Wish Foundation". Folks at the point of no return got whatever they wished for. Before saying goodbye.

 But not everyone has a heart. A father seizes a golden opportunity and accuses Michael of fondling his 12-year-old boy. tarnishing his image unto the ground. In pursuit of that All Mighty Dollar!

 Consequently, many of the foundations that He helped established turned their backs on him. No longer was he on top of the world. But neither was Mr. Jackson a has-been or a where-are-they-now. People still loved The Sequined One for his brilliant music & awe-inspiring dance moves.

If only those allegations didn't show up, who knows what kind of fame he would-of had. But that doesn't matter since The Guinness World Book of Records label him as the most renown human in history.

Michael Jackson & The Simpson's is next.

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